• A wife, mom of three, first born child and an information technology professional.
  • A natural learner and teacher with a passion for interviewing, collaborating, engaging and curating.
  • A talkative and somewhat bossy Gemini with a tendency to be extremely analytical and sometimes subject to shiny object syndrome.


  • Learning, teaching, working on projects, collaborating, interviewing, and curating
  • Sharing information and helping others!
  • Working hard with friends to achieve a goalI love…
  • To use my knowledge and communication skills to help people.
  • Researching, analyzing, finding solutions, and solving problems
  • Answering questions and helping others find answers
  • Breaking the ice and making connections with people
  • The challenge of meeting new people and winning them over.


  • The what, why and how of the business of blogging
  • The ‘to do’s’ and the ‘what NOT to do’s’
  • Interviews with experienced and new bloggers so that you can learn from their experiences.
  • I plan to try a bunch of things and share my personal experiences, both good and bad, with you.
  • All about “the business of blogging”. But not just monetization. Also tactical/how to stuff and strategy, marketing, technology, etc.

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