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3 Subject Lines for a Direct Pitch Email

Email Template

Hi [Name],

If you’ve ever wanted to [get some desired outcome], then you’re going to want to read every word of this email.

Let me start with a story…

It was [year], and I had just [tried some method for achieving some result. E.G., “I had just started yet another low-calorie diet in an attempt to lose weight.”]

As usual, things started off pretty well. [Insert a description of how things were going pretty well at first. In continuing with the dieting example, you might say something like: “I was enjoying the meals. I never felt deprived or hungry…”]

But you know what?

It wasn’t working. Instead, [describe how/why it wasn’t working. In the example of the dieting story, you might talk about how the scale wasn’t budging and you weren’t losing any inches off your waist.].

It was frustrating to say the least. I’d tried to [get some specific benefit/outcome] about [number of times] before, and they all seemed to end the same way…

[Quick one-sentence summary of how they ended in failure/disaster].

I kept thinking there’s got to be a better way to [get some benefit]. Seems like other people can [get this benefit] just fine – so what was my problem?

That’s when I stumbled into a marvelous discovery that instantly made it much easier for me to [get some benefit].

Suddenly, instead of [getting some undesired result or no results], I was [describe the good results you were getting]. And best of all, it was happening almost like magic. Yes, it felt THAT easy!

What was this discovery?

Simple – [insert the discovery – preferably, this should be some data-driven or scientifically based discovery. For example, if it’s about dieting, then perhaps it would have something to do with speeding up the metabolism naturally through clean eating and increased exercise. Or if it’s about traffic conversion, you might describe a case study of tweaking sales letters to boost conversions.]

Take a look at this proof:

[Insert proof – e.g., a screenshot, a photo, a chart, a clipping from a respected peer-reviewed journal, a quote from a respected expert in the niche.]

Since then, [a quick description of results you’ve achieved for yourself and others… e.g., “I’ve helped 239 people achieve similar results – this really works!”

And now, for the first time ever, I’m sharing my entire [type of] [system/plan/blueprint]…

Introducing “[Name of Product],” your surefire solution for [getting rid of some bad thing or getting some good thing].

This [type of product] is the easiest way I know [for getting a good outcome]. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • You’ll get a simple step-by-step plan for [getting a desired outcome].
  • You’ll find out which [niche method] will get you the best [type of] results – and which ones you should avoid at all costs.
  • You’ll discover [number] tips, tricks and hacks for [getting a good result/benefit] — these work like crazy to help you [get a good outcome]!
  • You’ll get a proven [list of tools, resources, gear, etc.] that you can use to make light work of [some task] – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!
  • [Insert any other top benefits.]

Plus much, much more!

By the time you [finish reading/viewing/etc.] this [type of product], you’ll finally know how to [get the desired outcome].

Imagine not struggling with [bad thing] any more. Imagine how you’ll feel when you [finally get some good result]. [Name of Product] can turn this into a reality!

If you like the idea of finally [getting a good result], then click here now:

[link to sales page]

[sign off]

P.S. I never thought I’d ever be able to [achieve some result], but I was wrong. I did it, and you can too.

Click here to find out how:

[link to sales page]


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