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Learn 9 Actionable Passive Income Strategies Today

Passive Income Planner

Ready to stop Trading Time for Money?

The truth is, completely passive income is kind of an urban myth. But there are strategies that you can implement that will make it possible for you to stop trading time for money.

Do you love writing? Helping people? Sharing the best resources?

If so, you are in a perfect position as a blogger or online entrepreneur to begin implementing passive income strategies.

“You can work smarter, not harder, and see more results with much less effort.”

If you want to stop searching the Internet looking for clues and get to work implementing specific strategies, then look no further than the Passive Income Planner.

The Passive Income Planner includes:


9 Different Passive Income Strategies

Not all passive income strategies are the same. Chose the ones that work best for you and put them into action immediately to grow your income.


Exercises to Take Action Immediately

Each section of the course includes exercises so that you can start taking steps to implement the strategies right away.


Planner = Printable Guide and Workbook

In depth enough to be actionable, while straight forward and action oriented. Print the planner and get started today.

What happy readers are saying about this planner…

Michelle Hinton

Chantel, your “Passive Income Planner” was just what I needed. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and am ready to take it to the next level. I’m really impressed with its depth and scope. I can’t wait to get started making some new goals for my blog. I’m especially interested in making an ebook, so thank you for the help with that.

This Passive Income Planner is a great resource that focuses on a specific method for monetizing your blog or driving sales to your business. This planner describes various approaches to creating Passive Income, so there is something for all types of online businesses, whether they are new or more established. The step-by-step detail provided takes out the guess work and puts you in the right direction to get started right away. The workbook format makes it easy to work along with the content.


Kathi Rodgers


I’ve been blogging for years and haven’t yet created my own product to sell. Why? I didn’t know where to start. Chantel Arnett’s Passive Income Planner was a road map that pointed me in the right direction. Chantel lays out nine steps to creating a passive income from your blog. I’ve already chosen my starting point, have filled out the included worksheet, and mapped out which of her suggestions I’ll use next to build on my success!

What You’ll Get…

The Passive Income Planner is a complete guide and workbook in one. Unless you already know how to generate passive income and you’re just not ready to take action, the Passive Income Planner is the roadmap you’ve been looking for.

Passive Income Planner

“Effectively implementing just one of the 9 strategies outlined in this planner will return your investment multiple times over.”

The Passive Income Planner cuts through the fluff and outlines specific and actionable strategies to start earning passive income with your blog or website. You could waste days, weeks or months learning this information bit-by-bit or you could get it all today and bypass all that trouble!

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Yes, I want it!Lauren & Kyle

I launched my blog, I posted content, the next logical steps for most bloggers is to figure out how to make money. That is exactly the point that I was at when I found Chantel’s Passive Income Planner. Previously, when I had researched passive income options, I would always begin to feel overwhelmed and confused. I never knew what to do first, or what I needed to have in place before I could start generating passive income in order for it to be successful. In this guide Chantel gives you straight-forward action items for each step in the process to start generating passive income. The guide capitalizes on using what you already have and then walks you through the entire process from brainstorming to customizing your email signature to monetizing your correspondence, and everything in between. If you are envious of all the passive income you see being generated by others and would like to start making it happen for yourself, I would highly recommend Chantel Arnett’s Passive Income Planner!

Sylvia Wu 


When I created my blog, I knew I wanted to make passive income from the start. I built a few affiliate links in my email course and on my resources page and thought that was sufficient. But I’m glad that I found Chantel’s Passive Income Planner because it showed me that there was so much more potential. It helped me to beef up what I had and find other creative ways to set up passive income streams too. I’m a practical gal, so I love that this ebook gets right to the point and offers solid information on multiple ways you maximize the efforts you’re already putting into your blog. Some ideas you can implement right from the start, and others are great goals to work towards as you build your blog so you will have something to gain whether you are a brand new or a seasoned blogger. If you want a straightforward plan to set yourself up for passive income today, then the Passive Income Planner is right for you.

Danielle Faust


My blog is still fairly small, and with a busy schedule, I cannot grow it much faster than I currently am. Limited work hours for writing and learning mean that a passive income will be vital to keeping things moving in the right direction for my blog. This planner was great for several reasons: 1) It is a fast read, and not at all over my beginner-blogger head.2) I love that it is printable and has areas for me to “fill in the blank” for brainstorming the things it asks you to work on. I want to be able to look at my ideas from it without having to click back and forth between different browser tabs. But you don’t have to print it if that’s not your style, and that’s cool too!3) There were 8 solid things to be done to increase your passive income. With my blog in the stages it is in, and with my time for writing and learning being as limited as they currently are, I cannot implement them all. However, I was still given plenty to chew on so that as my blog grows, I can continue to expand the ways I earn a passive income. The ideas that will be most helpful to me at this stage in my blogging career will be to add a resource page, adding opt-ins or being sure to have a call to action, and monetizing my correspondences. All are easy enough for me to add and they don’t require me having a personal product to sell or lots of time to implement.I think this planner will be helpful to bloggers of differing skill levels and with varying writing niches. For those who are more advanced than I, have more content or have personal products to sell, there are some very helpful ideas to help you earn more money with the content that you have. For those like me with limited time and a fairly young blog, there are enough easy steps to help build your passive income for the level your blog is at.

Still not sure about the Passive Income Planner?

​You might be nervous about investing in your blog before you’re making money.

But the truth is, you don’t need to spend months or even years slowly “figuring it out” on your own.

You might be wondering if the information in this guide is worth the investment, even though it’s small.

You could spend weeks, months or even years endlessly searching the Internet trying to figure out how to make money with your blog or website. You could read article after article to slowly learn all the strategies covered in this guide over time.

Or you can just purchase this guide and learn them all at once.

You might not have a lot of money to invest in blog right now…

But the longer you wait to start implementing these strategies, the more passive income you’re missing out on.

What do you have to lose?

Here’s what you’ll get…

All this now for just:


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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t learn new strategies for generating passive income over the next 30 days, just let me know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

“I sincerely want you to be happy with your purchase. I want this to be risk-free and to make it a no-brainer decision for you. So, if for some unexpected reason, the Passive Income Planner does not teach you new strategies for increasing your passive income… then you can get every penny back from your investment. The only thing I would ask is that you let me know within 30 days and that you give me your honest feedback on what I can do to improve it​​​​​​​.”

Chantel Arnett

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