What are keywords and key phrases?

What Are Keywords and Key Phrases?

When talking about keywords try to understand that there are keywords and key phrases. The technical terms are short and long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is long, includes modifiers and more information, while

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Don’t Forget To SEO Images

Using images is an important part of ensuring that your audience reads and understands your content. An image or a video can help with understanding and make the content even more compelling, useful, and valuable

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Interlinking for SEO

The Benefits Of Interlinking Site Content

Internal linking helps website navigation, defines website hierarchy, and distributes ranking power throughout the entire website. Internal linking strengthens your website by providing clear paths for search bots, keeping users on your site longer, and

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SEO and Social Media

Let’s Talk Social Signals

One factor that helps SEO today is social signals. Social signals are simply proof that shows how active you are on social media, how many people share your content, like your content, follow your content,

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Track your efforts

Time To Track SEO Performance

Since all goals should be measurable that includes the results you want to receive from your SEO efforts. After all, there is really no point doing something that doesn’t provide results, right? If you don’t

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Keep It Fresh & Keep It On Topic

Having updated content is very important because it helps build trust, show your expertise, and builds authority. Depending on your niche staying up-to-date can sometimes be difficult. For example, technology and fashion changes a lot,

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