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Subject Lines - Upgrade Email

Email Template - Upgrade

Hi [Name],

I’ve got some marvelous, unexpected news for you…

If you act now, you can upgrade from your current [level/status] membership to a [higher level] membership and snag yourself a really great deal in the process.  Upgrade today and you can lock in the low price of just [low monthly price, annual price, etc.].

Here’s the link to get your upgrade:

[sales page upgrade link]

Here are three good reasons to upgrade today:

Reason #1: This is a great deal.

When you upgrade now, you’re going to save [dollar amount] every month on membership fees – that works out to an annual savings of [how much money they save annually by taking advantage of this offer]!

Reason #2: You’re ready to [take it to the next level – e.g., “Take your business to the next level” or “Lose the weight and keep it off for good” etc.].

Your [current level membership] helps you [get some benefit].  When you upgrade to [the higher level] membership, you’ll [learn some advanced information, get access to advanced tools, etc.].

End result? [Insert the main benefits of upgrading – what is the desired outcome?]. And that makes this offer irresistible to anyone who wants [to get a desired outcome]!

Reason #3: Your [higher level] membership includes a lot of great features and benefits.

Membership has its benefits. When you upgrade now, you’ll start enjoying the following:

  • [Insert a bulleted list of benefits that are offered in the higher-level membership but not at the member’s current level. For example, list access to a private members only group, access to any special tools, list of all the resources not available at the lower level, group coaching, etc.]

Plus you also retain all your current membership benefits, including [remind users of the benefits they’re getting at their current level of membership – e.g., list some of the top tools and resources currently available to them].

Right at this moment, dozens of your fellow members are making the jump to the [higher level] level membership. Join them now by clicking here:

[link to the upgrade page]

And do it now, while you can still lock in the low price of just [dollar amount and time frame, such as “$15 per month”].

I’ll see you inside!

[sign off]

P.S. We’ve got members all over the globe who’ve upgraded and they’re really glad they did. Take [name of person who gave the testimonial], who went from [lower level] membership to a [higher level] membership:

[Insert a strong testimonial from someone who went to a higher membership level. This testimonial should focus on the benefits of the higher level – what made the higher level better? What sort of tools and resources were they able to take advantage of? How did these tools and resources help them achieve great results in the niche?]

If [name of person who gave testimonial] can [get some great result], just imagine what a [higher level membership] can do for you.


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