Top 10 Amazing Small Business Ideas

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Do you want to quit the 9-5 and be your own boss? While running a small business can be hard work, it can be worth it when you look at the rewards it can offer. The question is: what small business idea should you start?

The good news is there are small businesses ideas for everyone. You can create a small business around almost anything these days. The best thing to do is to think about the things that you care about and then make a small business from them.

Not sure what small business ideas you should consider or if there’s something that interests you enough to build a business around?

Here are 10 small businesses ideas to get your juices flowing!

small business ideas


Blogging has become a big business! Writing about something you are passionate about could land you some serious cash. With that being said, you won’t start seeing results overnight. It takes time to build up an audience and monetize the blog. However, when your hard work does start to pay off, you could find yourself earning up to $50k a year.

You can set up a blog on your own website, or you can create one on a dedicated blogging site. Having your own website is the best option as you’ll be able to market and control it much more effectively. You can blog about literally anything, just make sure it’s something you love as passion really does shine through in writing.

Get Crafty

Do you love all things craft related? Thanks to a rise in online shopping, if you’re good at arts and crafts you can potentially make a decent income out of it.

You could sell your knitted designs on a dedicated Etsy shop. Or if you’re an avid painter, you could auction off your creations online. Whatever crafty hobby you have, it’s easy to turn it into a profitable business. 

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Do you love helping others? If so, a coaching business could be an excellent opportunity. You don’t need any specific qualifications to become a coach. This makes it an attractive option for those who don’t want to spend years getting a degree. You can pretty much start right away, however getting some form of qualification is recommended.

For the highest chance of success scoring clients, taking an accredited coaching course is a good idea. This will show future clients that you know what you are doing, and you have undergone adequate training.

You can become a coach in practically anything. Life coaching, business coaching, and relationship coaching are just some examples of the fields you can get into.

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If you enjoy taking photos and you have a skill at capturing the perfect moment, photography could be an ideal career choice. Setting up as a freelance photographer can help you to turn your passion into a business.

You can specialize in specific types of photography, such as weddings or landscapes. The only thing to think about here is the equipment you will need. To be a good photographer you are going to need the best equipment. Professional quality photography equipment doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, you may need a business loan or financial assistance to help get you started.

Web Design

If you are good with coding, or you can pick it up quite quickly, web design could be a great option. There is a lot of money to be made in website design as businesses across all sectors need them.

You don’t need any specific qualifications to get started. However, it may require a large learning curve so taking relevant courses is recommended. You can then use any qualifications you earn to help you bring in more cash.

Social media Influencer

If you’re a confident person who loves the limelight, becoming a social media influencer could be the perfect opportunity. Like many of the business ideas listed here, you don’t really need any formal qualifications to get started.

You can become an influencer for practically any niche. If you love food, you could become an influencer who promotes healthy eating, vegan food, or nutritious comfort foods. If you love fashion, you can show off various designers and provide fashion tips through social media.

As you start to build up a presence, you’ll start to get offered coloration opportunities. Top social media influencers can get paid thousands of dollars per post. However, getting there isn’t easy! You do have to be willing to put a lot of work in for this type of career.


One of the simplest small business ideas is to sell something. It has never been easier to set up a store online and sell whatever you want. Whether you set up an EBay or Etsy shop, or you create your own eCommerce website, this can be a great business to set up.

You can purchase goods at wholesale prices, selling them on to consumers. Whatever you are interested in, there will be something you can sell relating to it.

Drop shipping is potentially the best option for those getting started. This eliminates the need for storage space as you won’t handle the products yourself. However, if you want to be in charge of everything, you will need to think about partnering with a courier and storing products ready to be sold.  

Travel planner

The travel sector may have taken a hit due to the pandemic, but it’s set to make a huge comeback. Why not get ahead of the game and offer your services as a travel planner?

You can help people find their dream holidays. While you will need some qualifications for this, it is quite easy to get into.

If you live and breathe holidays, this is the perfect small business idea for you. Thanks to the internet, you could work from home offering an online service if you prefer. Or, you could offer a mobile local service.

Personal chef

If you love to cook and you’re quite skilled at it, why not become a personal chef? This business idea sees you catering for customers on a private basis. You may go into their homes or be hired for a private function.

There is a lot less stress involved in being a personal chef than there is in a commercial kitchen environment. You’ll also find the pay can be a lot better too. This small business idea will require some funds to get started. You’ll need to take all necessary food and safety courses, as well as take cooking courses to refine your skills if needed. However, the costs will soon start to pay off once you get started.

Virtual assistant

If you are highly organized and you pay attention to detail, you’d make a great virtual assistant. Lots of companies outsource their business tasks to virtual assistants.

It could be helping them with their calendar, making bookings, or keeping on top of emails. The role of a virtual assistant can be extremely varied.

Although there are tons of small business ideas, being a virtual assistant is one of the best since you can leverage skills you already have or learn new ones! If starting a small business seems overwhelming, providing services as a virtual assistant may be the right choice for you.

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These are just 10 of the best small business ideas you can use for inspiration. Remember, choose something you are passionate about. Starting any type of business is tough and it takes a lot of hard work. So, you want to make sure you’re spending time doing something you enjoy.


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