3 Fun Ways to Use Done-For-You Content

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I’m sure you’re just like me. You have a family. You work inside or outside the home. And you’re doing this while trying to grow your online business.And one of the best ways to grow your business is by building your email list. And the best way to grow your list? Create products that will help your audience.But we don’t always have the time to create those products from scratch!That’s where PLR comes in!There are so many ways that we, as bloggers, can use PLR to simplify our blogs and businesses. By using PLR, we can meet the needs of our audiences and save time for ourselves. It doesn’t matter if the product you’re offering is written by you as long as you’re helping your followers solve a problem. The most important thing to remember is that you’re meeting the needs of your audience.And when it comes to building your mailing list, PLR content can be your secret weapon! Private label rights content is an ethical tool that’s easy to implement. Try using it one of these three ways and watch what happens to your list…

Launch Multiple Opt-Ins

Opt-in gifts are like dangling carrots. They offer something the reader wants and motivates him or her to go deeper into your sales funnel. But having just one isn’t enough. If you really want to grow your mailing list, you need multiple gifts sprinkled throughout your website.

Having multiple opt-ins is especially important if you have several customer avatars. For example, you’re a business coach that helps women create recurring income. Customer avatar #1 is a service provider who’s looking for more passive income opportunities. She might like an opt-in gift about how to add more affiliate marketing to her business.

Customer avatar #2 is a stay at home mom who wants to make recurring income by writing books. Your opt-in gift might be a guide to self-publishing for new writers.

You’re helping these women discover recurring income but you’re also tailoring your opt-in gifts to meet the unique needs of each one.

Here is one example of how I used PLR to create a freebie opt-in offer for my list: How to Build Your Brand with Instagram Images. 

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Come Up with Blog Content + Upgrades

If you already have a few pieces of content that you want to use as opt-in gifts then you can find PLR on these topics to post on your blog. For example, maybe you wrote a short report on how to get started with self-publishing.

Then you’d want to find and purchase some PLR on the topic of Kindle publishing. Rewrite this PLR content and post it to your blog then add a strong call to action inviting visitors to sign up for your short report.

I used PLR for the introduction on this post, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Tools in 2017This helped to simplify the writing process of a very detailed post.

Funnel Traffic to Your Opt-In Page

Another way to use PLR content to grow your mailing list is to break down into social media posts. Look over a PLR article or blog post and take 5 sentences from it. Use those sentences as text updates on social media and link to your opt-in page.If the PLR seller included images, you can use those too. First, brand them by youradding your logo or website name to them. Then upload them to social media sites. Link your followers to your blog posts to encourage sign ups.

And here are a few more items I created using PLR Content:

Email Accelerator Starter Kit

Passive Income Planner

Welcome Email Sequence Templates 

PLR content can help you grow your list quickly and easily. This gives you more time to spend growing your community!

P.S. In case you missed the first two posts in this series be sure to check out,  How to Make Your PLR Content Unique: 3 Insanely Easy Ways! and How to Create Quality Content Even If You Have Zero Time!

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