7 Best Customizable Planners

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One of the most sought after features for planners is its ability to be customizable, and rightfully so. You may find yourself wanting to add pages, add categories, or maybe even take some away. But with so much available on the market today, it can become overwhelming trying to pick the best one.

To help keep you from settling, I have rounded up 7 of the best customizable planners to make your search for your new favorite planner a breeze.

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Best Customizable Planners



Not only does their motto plainly root for you following your own agenda, you can completely customize your planner before they print, assemble, and ship it to you. Other features include:

The ability to customize pageletes by adding lines, dashes, or leave them out altogether.

  • Customize bullet points for lists with boxes, circles, etc.
  • In-depth organizational options.
  • Change the look of your book with numerous design features.
  • Add personal details and accessorize with a plethora of content features.
Don’t get overwhelmed by their millions of possible individual combinations. They offer an incredibly easy two-step process that will put you into creation mode in no time. Depending on size alone, printing your planner starts as low as $37, making it extremely reasonable on the pocketbook.

Inkwell Press

Another highly popular planner company is Inkwell Press and they do not disappoint. Offering one of the only disc systems out there, you can easily customize your weekly, monthly, daily, or goal planner in no time.

inkwell press customizable planners

Choose between a variety of covers, colored disks, planning inserts, additional inserts, and accessories. Traditional inserts start at $29 with additional ones available for as low as $10. It is a bit confusing on how to actually build your own but basically you pick a cover of your choice, add it to your cart, choose inserts and add those, as well as any additional inserts you may want.

Everything is individually priced which can make for a fairly expensive planner, but if you are looking for a disc bound planner, this is the only one to make my list of the best customizable planners.

inkwell press custom planner

Plum Paper Personalized Planners

Being one of the most popular customizable planner companies on the market, they’ve earned it. Not only are their planners personalized for you, by you, they offer a planner type for just about everyone you can think of:

  • Personalized
  • Goal-setting
  • Distance learning
  • Teachers (preschool-high school)
  • Homeschool
  • Students (elementary-college)
plum paper personalized planner

Of course we’re talking customization here and their process is super easy. There are 3 primary layout sizes to choose from (A5, 7×9, and full) with the ability to quickly search layouts, plus easily customize. Their customizable planners start at $29.

plum paper personalized planner cover

May Designs Agendas & Notebooks

The best part about this company is the simplicity. There isn’t a lot to choose from which makes it easy to choose. On a down and honest side, they do not offer in depth customization much more than choosing a cover, adding personalization on it, and a few inside page layout options:

  • Lines
  • Daily planner
  • Weekly agenda + dot grid
  • Pink lines
  • Adult coloring book
  • Dot grid (think bullet journal)
  • Blank
  • Budget planner

This is mostly why these planners start at $16 and increase as you customize it. Even then, they seem to offer ongoing sales that are pretty generous if you ask me.

Although May Designs did make my list of the best customizable planners, whether these planners work for you really does depend on what exactly you’re looking for in terms of customizations and personalization.

Golden Coil Planners

Golden Coil claims to be the most customizable planner in the world.

Starting with a base price of $62, Golden Coil walks you through 8 steps to customizing your very own personalized planner. They offer a variety of cover styles, including linen and designer, along with in-depth custom pages for forms and contacts.

You are also in control of your start dates and end dates, as well as able to import your calendar of events. Being able to customize this now means saving you time on writing in all those important dates later. The layout options are great too with horizontal, vertical and boxed choices.

Paying $.10 per extra page, you can choose from additional customizations such as:

  • Year at a glance
  • Month at a glance
  • Undated monthly
  • Addresses

Another perk to this planner is the ability to customize add-ons like quotes and challenges.

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Personal Planner

Available in five sizes (mini, square, wide, A5, and big), these planners start at $29.95 + tax. Once you select your size you’re immediately taken to the customization wizard beginning with the front and back covers. With over 100 styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something you like.

There are six weekly layouts to choose from with different languages and holiday calendars (per country) that can be included. You can even customize writing space, modules, and add your own custom dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

Easily add back pages to accommodate important areas of your life like meal planning, grade keeping (for you teachers out there), dotted pages, workout trackers, and more!

Paper Source

This company offers custom daily, weekly, and monthly personalized planners. The biggest perk is the 17-month layout. They start at $49.95 and only come in 6.75 x 9.5 sizes. You can coordinate it with stationary, journal pages, and labels.

The personalization goes as far as the front and back covers. The ability to change individual layouts of pages is not there, but these are still cute and efficient planners.

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So, there you have it… my favorite recommendations for the best customizable planners.

Choosing the best custom planner for you should be much easier now! Take your time and remember to never settle!

Did I miss your favorite? Are there any other planners that you would includ on this complete list of the best customizable planners? If so, let me know!


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