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Want to leverage the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or web site?  BoardBooster to the rescue!


Don’t think Pinterest can drive traffic to your blog?  Think again! This article on The Huffington Post goes into great detail about how 9 bloggers are using Pinterest strategies to drive traffic to their blogs. And BoardBooster is mentioned specifically.

Read "How These 9 Women Bloggers Are Getting Big Traffic To Their Blogs" on The Huffington Post.

BoardBooster is a popular scheduling tool used to automate pinning on Pinterest. It also has features to help you manage group boards.

Web address:
Registration: Required
Cost: 1 cent per pin.  See more details here.
App: No
Analytics & Reports: Yes

  • Pinning History
  • Board Performance
  • Viral 3rd Party Pins
  • Group Boards to Join
  • Best Time to Pin
  • Follower Growth
Referral Program: Yes, for credit towards your monthly subscription.


Why should you use BoardBooster?  What is it used for?

Use BoardBooster to schedule pins, manage group boards, clean up boards, improve pin quality and optimize your pinning strategy.

  • Random Campaigns pull random pins from source board(s) that you designate and pin them to any number of group boards that you hand pick for the campaign.
  • Scheduled Campaigns take pins from one secret board and repins them to multiple boards according to your schedule.
  • Looping helps you revive your older pins by repinning them to the same board, while minimizing content duplication.
  • Scheduler allows you to pin to a secret board in advance and BoardBooster will post those pins according to the frequency and time that you designate.
  • Pin Sourcing agents help you fill your Secret Boards with pins that have great viral potential.
  • Pin Mover allows you to find pins that meet certain criteria and move them to a board to you designate. You can select pins based on number of repins, web site domain name associated with the pin or keywords in the pin description.
  • Pin Doctor identifies 9 common problems with pins like broken links and content duplication, and helps you fix them.
  • Group Manager helps you improve the quality of Collaborative Boards that you own by monitoring the activity of your contributors.
  • Bonus! If you have a lot of boards, you will see an alphabetical list of all your boards when you add a board to Pin Scheduler or Looping.  This is really helpful for spotting similarly named boards that you may want to combine or boards that need name formatting fixed (such as use of capital letters).

Best BoardBooster feature? Looping shows your old pins to new followers.

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Find more BoardBooster resources on my BoardBooster Pinterest board!

Best BoardBooster feature? Looping shows your old pins to new followers.


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3 Responses

  1. I just started using Board Booster about 2 weeks ago and am loving it! I was a bit skeptical because I’ve used Tailwind in the past and didn’t keep it around, but I’m getting awesome results from it!

  2. Hi Chantel,

    Thanks for writing an article about Board Booster. I have seen the potential pinterest can have but have a hard time finding the time for it. I have been having trouble getting traffic to my blog, and hoping to find a way to get more traffic to it so that I can stay motivated to keep writing!

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