Going Deep & Going Wide With Your SEO Content

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Going Deep and Wide with your SEO

When you are working on developing content and creating a content strategy you’re going to want to go both deep and wide with the topic. Going wide with your wide can attract new audience members while going deep will build relationships with and engage your audience. Content can be either wide or deep but not both. To understand this let’s talk about what wide versus deep means.

Going Wide with Your SEO Content

Basically, if you have a list of keywords and make plans to write around every single keyword that you’ve found for your niche that is going wide. That’s covering all the topics from A to Z regarding the main topic directed toward a specific audience for whom you’ve created audience personas.

For example, let’s say your niche is Knitting. A quick keywords search on Wordstream.com/keywords for the term “knitting” will reveal over 600 keyword possibilities. You can take each keyword and keyword phrase and develop general content around those keywords. That would be a good example of going wide and it will help you get a lot more website visitors based on their searches.

Going wide covers the knitting topic in general in a way that the content is evergreen and lasts for a long time drawing traffic into your website or blog and converting people to your email list.

Going Deep with Your SEO Content

If you want to keep the visitors coming back to your site, you’ll need to work on going deeper with the information you share with the visitors. In this case, you want to target very specific personas within your target niche audience. To go deeper take one of the keywords mentioned above and expand on it and cover it from every angle. Going deeper helps you develop a closer relationship with your ideal audience members based on where they are in their buying cycle so that you can offer them solutions for their problems.

For example, one of the search terms looking for knitting was crochet patterns. You can target all readers of the general wide article about crochet patterns with more in-depth content surrounding crochet patterns. You could write content about how to make your own crochet patterns, where to buy crochet patterns, and you could make crochet patterns to sell. You could write an entire email newsletter about crochet patterns.

In fact, one place that’s perfect for this type of content is your email list. You can put it on your blog too, but you want to inform anyone who signed up for your email list about this new deeper content. It will solidify your relationship with your readers because they’ll see you as a topic expert.

As you can see this method of covering a topic makes it easier to understand how the different types of content affect traffic and relationship building. Getting traffic requires evergreen general content written for your ideal audience. Building relationships require content that is more specific so that it brings the targeted person back to read more and learn more.

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