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When a visitor comes to your website and likes what they see they’re naturally going to want to share it right? Well, sometimes. If it’s easy to share, if you remind them to share, and encourage them or incentivize them to share you’re going to get a lot more shares.

But, if you don’t have easy share buttons, and you don’t ask, more than likely they won’t be as likely to share it. You want more people linking to and sharing your content because it’s good for SEO. Each share constitutes a link back to your site. Links back depending on where they come from signal to search engines that your site is important in some way.

To make technology work well you need to remember the call to action. Tell your visitors to like, share, comment. Tell your users what you want them to do when they read your content. It doesn’t take much effort to add a comment to the end of your blog posts about sharing the wealth with their friends and instruct them how to do it.

And yes, there is a plugin for that, let’s look at a few.

Sassy Social Share

This free plugin is great for encouraging social sharing with over 100 social share and bookmarking sites included. You can show icons for the social networks you want your audience to use.

Super Socializer

This social share, social login, and comments plugin offers social share buttons from 100 networks, follow icons, and shows share counts for some of the most popular networks which will help you improve your social proof.

Ultimate Sharing

This cool plugin offers 16 different designs for your social media share icons. You can give more than one action to a social media share icon. The icons can float, or stay sticky, and you can even add counts, get people to subscribe to your blog by email, and so much more.


This plugin lets you set up social sharing, pop-ups, slide-ins, and even email opt-ins making this a very useful social sharing plugin to use. As you know you want to find plugins that do more so that you can install fewer plugins. This is worth a try.

Social Warfare

One of my favorites! This plugin allows you to customize the text for your social media and Pinterest description. Also.  if you don’t want to put your pinnable image in your blog post, you can add it to Social Warfare and it shows up when users to go to Pin it.  Or put one pin if your post and a completely different one on your Social Warfare options. 

Each time someone shares your posts, comments on your blog, forwards your social media posts and so forth it makes a big difference in your search engine ranking. That’s why it’s so important to make it easy for your visitors to share by providing the right icons, and directions so that they can do it easily. It’s not pushy to ask for the share, the like, or the follow at all. In fact, even people who like what they see often will not share without being asked to or told to.


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