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Email Template - Motivate Your Affiliates

Hi [Name],

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know the exciting things that are happening with [insert the name of your affiliate program/business], and how these announcements can put a lot of money in your pocket!

Take a look…

The first announcement is that we’re launching on affiliate contest on [date], that runs until [date contest ends], and you could win any number of prizes worth [total dollar value of the prizes]. These prizes include:

• [Insert a bulleted list of the prizes for 1st place affiliate, 2nd place affiliate, etc.]

Not only will the top affiliates be awarded prizes, but everyone who makes at least one sale will be eligible to win a random-draw prize. These random-draw prizes include [insert a list or description of the random draw prizes].

To help you make even more sales during the affiliate contest, we’re also giving you the option to distribute [percentage] off coupons for your customers. This is the biggest discount we’ve ever offered, so it’s sure to create a flurry of sales for you.

To learn more about the contest, see all the details here:

[insert a link to a page with contest details]

Remember, this contest starts [date], so start planning your promotions now!

Which brings us to the next announcement…

Secondly, we’ve added a lot of new marketing content to the affiliate dashboard [let readers know for which product or products you’ve added new marketing content]. You’ll find new:

• [Insert a bulleted list of all the marketing content you’ve added, such as rebrandable reports, social media blurbs, blog articles, emails, autoresponder series, videos, graphical content such as banner ads and more.]

In addition, I’ve cleared my calendar for the next couple weeks to give interviews, preferably via a webinar or teleconference. If you’d like to interview me on any topic related to [niche/topic] and promote [your product/products] using your affiliate link, just get in touch with me right now at:

[link to your help desk, or an email address, or even a scheduling app]

You can use this interview as a lead magnet, a bonus, or even freely distribute it across your platforms. Plus I’ll help you promote it with a link to my newsletter, so you’ll get even more exposure. This is a great way to make money with [insert the name of your affiliate program]!

Hope to hear from you soon!

[sign off]

P.S. Don’t forget to mark [date of the contest] on your calendar, because that’s the day the big affiliate contest starts. You could win up to [dollar amount for first prize] if you land at the top of the affiliate leaderboard, or [dollar amount] if you win one of the random draw contests!

Learn more at and pick up your affiliate link and promo materials now at:

[link to the page about the affiliate contest]


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