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Test and Track Your Results

If you really want to create successful sales pages you must test and track. But what do you test and track? You test and track your language of course. The language you use on your sales page is worth testing because it’s one of the things you have full control over. Let’s look at the process of testing your sales page language.

Set up two separate pages to test. Drive traffic to each page using the same type of advertisement and target market so that you know which is working best. You can test various types of pages, for example, try these ideas.

  • Casual Language Vs Business Language
  • Niche Terms Vs Normal Language
  • Headline Language
  • First Person Vs Active Voice

Spend the time creating each page with the same colors, same design, and same everything except for the language to find out what is going to work better for your audience. More than likely as you learn more about the language of your audience and start using those terms, acronyms, and ideas you’ve gleaned from being part of your audience’s social circle and life for a period before you created your first sales page.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are easy to use, and anyone can do it. You don’t have to know anything special to run a Facebook advertisement. If you know who your audience is, you can find them on Facebook based on demographics and interests. You can also run look-a-like ads by uploading your email list addresses. Additionally, you can add a pixel to your website page so that you can market to people who have already visited your website.

Give it Some Time

Run each advertisement on Facebook Ads because it’s simple to set up. Ensure that every part of the advertisement is the same from the images, to the target audience, the only thing that is different are the words on the page. Give the advertisement some time to run and then check the stats. Which is working best for your audience?

Test Even More

You can test further by slightly changing each one to make it a little better. This is called A/B testing. You can technically end up with A to Z testing as you try to perfect and improve the way you communicate with your audience and share your message.

The more you try things, test, and track the more likely you are to be successful creating sales pages that convert at a higher rate for your audience. Chances are you’ll discover like most people do, that the more you talk like your audience the more successful you are at getting them to buy what you’re selling.


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