Using Language To Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

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Sometimes you do all the right things to help your buyer make the right choice to purchase your product or service. Then, they have buyer’s remorse and ask for a refund. This can be very frustrating. Even if you don’t have that problem yet, as your sales go up you may start to have that issue. But, you can lower the incidences of buyer’s remorse by using the right language in your follow up messages and customer care after purchase.

Make the Sales Process Clear & Short

Once your audience clicks buy, you don’t want anything to make them change their mind so let them make the purchase without too much information outside of payment, address if needed, first name and email address. Only what you need and no more. Some email marketing services allow you to set up the forms to give the buyer an option to provide more information if they want to or skip it.

Reconsider Double Opt-In for Purchases

In most cases when someone buys from you, they’ve established a relationship with you which means you have a right to email them about their purchases and to recommend other purchases. Do check your laws to ensure that it’s okay in your country to do away with the double opt-in option for buyers. This can help ensure that they receive your follow up messages about their purchase and don’t miss out on the additional information.

Let Them Know During the Sales Process What Emails to Expect from You

Once they have made their purchase send them to a thank you landing page that congratulations them on their purchase and tells them step-by-step what to expect from you. How to get their purchase, and what email messages to look for to help them get the most from their purchase.

Set Up an Email Series Follow Up Campaign for Each Product or Service

Every time you develop a new product, a new freebie, or a new service you should also craft a follow-up series for them. You want to thank them, encourage them, and support them so that they become repeat buyers because they are truly happy with your offers.

Congratulate them on Their Smart Purchase

You want your buyers to be happy with their purchase so instead of thanking them, why not congratulate them. Let them know the benefits of their purchase over again and open your email for questions. Tell them about your customer Facebook Group, or how to get to your special help desk to get answers if they need them.

Reinforce the Benefits of Their Purchase

Each email should reinforce the benefits of their purchase by letting them know in a short email something amazing about what they bought that they may not have noticed or forgotten about.

Make Them Feel Like a VIP

Once someone is a customer, make them feel important by giving them first crack at new products, sales, beta users, as affiliates and more. They should feel like very important people for making such a smart decision to become your customer.

Send them a User’s Guide

Depending on how complicated your product or service is, a nice way to break them in as users is to send a user’s guide that explains all the ins and outs of your product or service. This works especially well with complicated software. If you can break down some simple directions for what most people use it for you will delight your audience, so they can get started fast.

Send Hints About How to Get the Most from Their Purchase

Some of the emails in the series may help your audience get more out of their purchase. This can work whether it’s a product or a service. For example, if you are a service provider sending your audience a message about “other services” you offer and reminding them that you’ve added a document to their account will help.

Check in With Clients by Phone Who Made a Large Purchase

If you sell high priced items or services consider checking in with your clients by phone as well. If they don’t answer, it’s okay to leave a message. This extra added touch will make clients feel very special and make them more likely to open your email messages since part of your conversation will be about ensuring that they don’t miss out on valuable information you send them via email.

If you want people to feel good about their purchases and encourage repeat buying setting up automated nurturing messages is imperative. It doesn’t take long to set up an email sequence offering information and support to your buyers. When you use the right language and terms you’ll make them feel like VIPs and feel smart for making a great decision to buy from you


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