What Tone Should You Use In Your Sales Messages

What tone should you use on your sales page?

As you get to know your audience you’ll soon learn what works best for them in terms of your sales messages. That’s why it’s so imperative to get to know your audience before you even try creating a sales message. Some audiences prefer a professional tone, some prefer a casual tone. Which one you use totally depends one-hundred percent on the audience that you are trying to attract.

  • Know Your Audience – It cannot be overstated that you need to know your audience in an intimate way. The more you can get to know how they think, what problems they have, and what they believe is important about life the better you will be at creating just the right type of sales message.
  • Find Out What They Buy – When you observe your audience enough you’ll also start noticing what they recommend to each other. You’ll discover who their gurus are, who the people are that they respect, follow, and try to emulate. 
  • Create Swipe Files – When you find out what they are buying, study their sales pages. Join the email list, even buy the item if you can afford to do so. This is going to help you learn a lot about your competition’s methods. Copy words, phrases, note the tone and more as you move forward. But, remember, you don’t want to plagiarize, so don’t use your swipe file as a thing to copy word for word but as an idea generator.
  • Look at Your Competition – Get to know your competition very closely so that you can get used to how they talk to your audience. If it’s working for them, they have likely found the right tone. However, there could be a sub-audience that your competition isn’t appealing to as well. Look at all the stats and signs so that you can make an educated guess. For example, the blog, Thug Kitchen (and now book) wasn’t something everyone who loves cooking liked. Some people hated it, but a sub-demographic loved it and it was a huge success though a turn off to a lot of people.
  • Differentiate Yourself – When you take in all the factors such as the language your audience uses, the language and tone the competition uses, how can you differentiate yourself so that you are noticed and stand out to your audience?
  • Know Your Audience’s Buying Cycle –  As you study your audience try to determine the process they go through to buy anything. What goes through their mind? What is the process they complete to make the choice? Try to pull them through that process with your content and the words that you use in your sales messages.

The short answer is to use the tone that will get you the most conversions. If your audience prefers a professional tone, use it. If your audience prefers a more laid-back tone use that. It’s totally up to your audience and not up to you even though you are trying to be part of your audience.

That’s why you must test out different ideas to find out what works while you also conduct research into your competition and audience to get the answers you need. When you truly know your audience, you’ll know when to be casual, professional, forceful, or soft. There are times every audience needs some of each tone depending upon where they are in the buying cycle and how well they know, like, and trust you.


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