Why You Want To Go After The Low Hanging SEO Fruit

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Why you should go after the low competition keywords

When it comes to keywords don’t make it hard on yourself. Don’t use the most popular keywords that have a lot of competition. Instead, focus on long tail keywords or keyword phrases because they’re much easier to rank for since they are far more specific and can attract a more targeted audience to your site.

To find long tail keywords you can use a service such as WordStream.com/keywords where you can plug in a single term and it will come back with long tail keyword possibilities. You can then use those terms to research deeper to find out if the keywords generated will help.

Lower Competition – Due to the specificity of keywords there will be less competition so if you run adds they will cost less. You’ll still get a good search volume from the keywords even if they are lower competition, in fact, you may get higher search results.

More Targeted – This is how your audience really searches for your information by using a phrase or several terms. That will make the results even more targeted if you’ve created content for those long tail keywords.

Focuses on Content – Google wants you to focus on content which is why long tail keywords are such a good bargain. It’s easier to include long tail keywords in your content. Search engines like sites with more content that matches the other content on the site so that they know it’s an authoritative site.

Higher Conversion Rates – Since long tail keywords are so specific when you pick the right one to develop content, products, and services around you’ll convert at a higher rate than you would with a single word.

Helps You Rank for Other Terms – Remember when we talked about using synonyms within the content of your post that matches the title. This works great for ranking for single keywords since they’ll be indexed with the title if they’re related.

Helps You Develop More Content Ideas – Finding long tail keyword phrases via keyword research also will help you come up with more content ideas that are relevant to your audience.

Works Better with Voice Searches – Today, many people use household assistants like the Echo, as well as voice to text on their mobile devices to search. Usually, they ask a question to find something. If you write content using these questions (long tail keywords) you’re more likely to be found.

When you focus on using long tail keywords remember, you can use the long tail keyword in your titles, headings, subheadings, and within the body of the text. But you can also use single word synonyms which helps you rank for those keywords too. Using long tail keywords and keyword phrases is a lot more natural and easier to rank than the single keywords that are so often used by larger corporate sites.

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