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What Are Printables?

Making any process more simple and more productive is the key to business (and life for that matter). Printables are one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to make things less painful for yourself, your business, and your customers! Printables come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of uses, many of which can help you streamline processes, make quick work of completing tasks and increase profits.
What are printables? Printables are things designed for the purpose of downloading and printing.  They can range from fun items such as color pages, art projects, patterns or designs, planners, and journals. On the other hand they can be very purposeful, business like  items such spreadsheets, worksheets, checklists and to-do lists. Printables can be a single page document or contain several pages like with workbooks. They are detailed and to the point, generally having a very specific purpose. They are a great way to give a business a boost without a lot of extra effort.

Why Should You Use Printables?

It really does not matter what kind of business you own or run, there is always a printable you can offer. Are you a tax accountant? Offer helpful expense and income spreadsheets. Are you Mom blogger with a post about children’s chores? Offer a fun checklist for mapping out chores for each child!

A few ways printables can benefit a business

  • Increase Subscriber Sign-ups. If an existing opt-in offer is not performing as well as expected, or it seems to have run its course, adding some printables to the offer can increase interest and boost subscriber conversions. In some cases, printables can be the main opt-in offer.
  • Boost Perceived Value. Adding printables to digital products, courses and coaching programs will instantly boost the perceived value of the product. People want answers to their questions, but they also want to reach their desired result quickly and easily. If printables will help them achieve that goal, they’ll consider those to be highly valuable, allowing the seller to charge more for the product, program or course.
  • Gain More Social Proof. When high-quality information is provided, along with the tools to help readers implement what they’ve learned, loyal customers are created. These loyal customers share their results with others. They provide high-value testimonials and fodder for future case studies. …which in turn, brings in more students or customers.

How To Effectively Use Printables

Truly the options are endless for ways to use printables, but for example’s sake , here are a few ideas!

  • An ebook about organizing a filing system may contain excellent information. But if it also comes with printables such as premade labels, color-coded category dividers and other items to quickly sort and locate information, it makes getting and staying organized even easier.
  • A 30-day course on small business budgeting might contain printables to track expenses, travel mileage logs, customer information and so forth.
  • A training webinar might have handouts to help attendees take quick action on what they learn during the presentation.
  • A person searching for advice on being more positive may find a guide with information and a suggestion for journaling daily. However, if the seller includes a printable journal with prompts, it takes the guesswork out of what to write about and gives the buyer the ability to take action immediately.

Printable Objectives

Each printable you create should have an objective. Some common objectives are to:

  •  Help a person take action on what they are learning, like with the free Blog Biz School blog & business planner.
  • Challenge oneself. Such as when setting goals, like with this printable fitness planner.
  • Track data or calculate math. Think budget worksheets and tracking spreadsheets.
  • Develop a strategy for accomplishing a goal.
  • Brainstorm an idea and bring it into existence.
  • Plan out something in more detail, like with this monthly meal planner or this garden planning printable.
  • Plan quarterly or annually with things like calendars or these printable bullet journal pages.
  • Organize information such as research results.
  • Organize thoughts and ideas such as rough drafting future products.
  • Compare and evaluate two or more things.
  • Walk a user through the process of solving a problem.
  • Repurpose or reuse something such as content, graphics, audio and video.
  • Manage processes or projects.
  • To document your day, week or month through journaling and such, like with this scripture journal printable.
  • Do something relaxing to take your mind off stressors.

Getting ideas for printables

One of the best ways to get started with printables is to look at your existing content. Which blog posts are performing well; generating a lot of traffic and/or comments? Do they teach something? If so, you can create printables around the topic.

Share them for free, use them for opt-in offers or bundle several together and sell them. If you have an affiliate program, you might want to brand them and give them to your affiliates to use to promote your products or services.

Which opt-in offers and existing products are a natural fit for adding printables? Again, start with the best performing ones as those will turn a profit the quickest.

If you offer training, in person or digitally, consider ways you can help your students better make use of the information you’re teaching. Can you give them how-to guides, summary sheets, action guides, tracking sheets or checklists? What other things would be a good fit?

Google suggested search is another way to find ideas for printables. Take a topic you want to create printables for. Type the term in the Google search box. Look to see what questions come up. Document any that could be used for printables.

Next, use search phrases with the topic and the word worksheet, checklist and so forth after the term. “Keto shopping list” and “home budget worksheet” are two examples of search phrases. See what types of printables are available from others and look for ways you could create something similar but improved upon.

Search Amazon. Go to Amazon and search terms such as worksheets, checklists, teaching material, activity books, study guides and so forth to get ideas. There are thousands of ideas there.

Tips for making effective printables

1. Make each printable have a single objective. More than one can create confusion or cause readers to lose focus.

2. Identify the right printable for your audience. If you have existing products,you already know your audience so this step should be easy.

3. Ensure every statement and question serves your objective and is practical. You want to present the right information so the reader can reach an informed decision or take the appropriate action.

4. For checklists,the goal is to check things off as things are completed so the statements or questions being presented should essentially require yes or no answers.

5. Worksheets and some other printables require more in-depth thinking prior to answering. Keep these questions simple to understand, while allowing the reader to share personal experiences. For example, instead of asking “does missed deadlines stress you?” ask readers to reflect back and give personal reference “write about a time when you missed a deadline. What was the situation? why did you miss it? what could you have done differently?”

6. Structure things logically. If the reader will be going through a set of steps or questions, present them a logical order divided into sections, if necessary.

7. Add references, examples and tips as needed to help the reader understand the concept you’re teaching. Only share reputable sources of information!

8. Create promotional images for your printables. These can be as simple as screenshots or as complex as 3D images. The choice is yours, just make sure they are high-quality.

9. Every part of the printable, from the wording to the design, should be top quality.

10. Use plenty of white-space for easy reading.

11. If you’re using Microsoft Word to create the printable, you can insert tables, shapes, smart art and charts for more visual appeal.

12. Unless there’s a reason not to, always convert your doc printables into PDFs so your design elements cannot be edited.

13.Refine your printables. Create a first draft of printables and set them aside for a few days. Come back and see if they need to be refined or if you left something out.

Not feeling creative or don’t have time? A great option is purchasing done-for-you printables. I have a great selection to choose from here. You can also check , which I love for this exact purpose. There are loads of talented people there that can do it a rock-bottom price.


Simple enough right? Printables are easy to make and don’t require a lot of time or money AND they can be extremely valuable to your business. Always keep the user in mind when creating your printables ensuring what you are creating will help the user achieve their goal quickly and easily. Create something they love, and they will continue to come back for more!

An easy way to get started is to download my free templates here or by clicking on the image below!

These free downloads can help you offer a resource to your readers or maybe even simply inspire you to create your own.

Let us know in the comments what kind of printable has helped you the most personally or in your business!


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  1. I really appreciate how you laid out what printables have the capability of doing for the end user. I have heard the term “printable” before however I have not ever downloaded them before because I use my digital backups instead of having hard copies. This post has given me some ideas of how to overcome the obstacles I am currently facing. Especially if I can some how figure out how to design a printable that gives me a clear process for my traffic generation strategies.

    Thank you very much!

    Keep on rockin’!

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