Different Ways To Find Your Keywords and Phrases

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Finding Keywords for SEO

There are many ways that people use to find keywords and keyword phrases. Of course, you start with using your imagination and knowledge about your audience. Write down the words that you believe they would search for and start there. Those words you come up with are called “seed” words. They may or may not be accurate for your use but you must start someplace. The different ways to find keywords and phrases are listed below.

Your Competition – There is a good way to find keywords using your competitor’s websites. Use the software at ispionage.com  to spy on your competition and get the keywords they use. That’s a very good place to start because if your competition is successful they’ve already done the research.

Recommended Searches – When you conduct a search on Google there are also recommended searches that appear at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to find that information under recommended searches. Each of these recommended searches will also have that option. You can collect a lot of ideas this way.

Predictive Search – On most search engines, including Google Search as you start typing in a keyword you’ll receive information that predicts what you might continue looking for based on what others have looked for starting with the same keyword.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Open an AdWords account to experience the Google AdWords Keyword Tool which is free to open. You will get more results the more money you spend but you can still get a lot out of the keyword tool to help you determine which keywords are best to use.

RB Keyword Research WP Plugin – This plugin helps you find more keywords to use. They use Google’s predictive or autocomplete functionality to find the keywords using the Google API. There are also pro features if you upgrade allowing you to get keywords from other search engines like Bing, and Yahoo!. You can also copy and put it into a spreadsheet. There is no difficult configuration to use this plugin.

Forums & Groups – When you join a group or forum that your audience participates in you can get a lot of good ideas for keywords based on the questions they ask. When you see questions you can plug that question into Google Search to find out more information and get more ideas for keywords.

Questions in Email – If you already have customers whenever you get a question that’s good information to use to find even more keywords. Again, start with the question and add it to Google Search to find even more keyword ideas.

Don’t make keyword research too hard on yourself. Likely if you know who the audience is, what their problems are, and what your solutions are, you already have a good idea for at least twenty keywords. Using these methods, you should be able to create a good list of at least 100 keywords which is a great start for creating content, products, and services that add value to your audience’s lives.

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