The Power Of Epic Content To Help With Searchability

The Power of Epic Content
There are many different types of content that you will want to develop for your online and offline presence. General evergreen blog posts, multimedia content, individual page information, and FAQs are all part of the content you’ll want to create. But another type of content that is very important to create is epic content, also called cornerstone content. It helps get links to your website, help you find new readers, attracts subscribers, and improves search engine ranking. Plus, it endears your audience to you and your brand.

What is Epic Content?

This is a vital type of content that you want to create for your website. Epic content will serve as the foundation for all your other content creation tasks plus enable you to explain to new visitors exactly the scope of the problems that you seek to solve for them. This type of content starts with keyword research. Usually, you’ll use about 10 to 12 keyword phrases to create your epic or cornerstone content.

Why Epic Content is Important

Publishing epic content helps you build authority, establishes your expertise, and builds trust with your readers. Epic content consists of keywords, amazing headlines, a well-crafted SEO title, an introduction so that your readers know what they’re going to read and what to expect from the content. And of course, it includes body copy, sub-headlines, images and other media, bullet points, a good conclusion and of course a call to action.

Why Epic Content Improves Searchability

When you create epic content, you create it with being informative in mind. You want your audience to be able to easily scan the content for important words that trigger their mind to realize that the containing information is important. Plus, it provides keywords to the search engines in a form that Google loves – long, in-depth authoritative content.

Creating Epic Content Around Important Keywords

When choosing keyword phrases around which to develop this type of content you’ll want to think about your buyer’s intent and where they are in the buying cycle. You can have more than one occasion of epic content on your blog or website. In fact, creating epic content designed for each stage of your buyer’s intent will work amazingly well. Remember that the goal of epic content is to make people feel like they’ve found a treasure trove of information. You want them to know by reading that content that you know what you’re talking about, that you’re dedicated to the niche, and that you are someone to listen to and follow because you know your topic. But, it’s also a goal to feed the search engines with relevant keyword rich content so that your audience can find you. You can do both with well-crafted epic content.


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