How To Find More Keywords Using Google

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The great thing about doing keyword research is that it also helps you come up with new content ideas. You can research keywords easily on Google.

Search for a single word. For example, we want to find some good keyword ideas for a knitting site. So, we search google for the word Knitting. Then scroll to the bottom to look at related search ideas.

This screenshot shows what you will see at the bottom of the page if you do a search for knitting. Notice that on the left above the Google icon you see “searches related to knitting” and a bunch of terms under it. These are all good ideas to potentially use if they fit your audience, products, services, and goals. Look to the right where it says “see results about” that’s another area you can use to find more keyword ideas for knitting.

Scroll up slightly and you’ll also see an area called “People ask for” and then some questions. These are all fodder for keyword phrases that you can use to develop your content.

Each of these terms can now become a blog post, a video, or other content for your website to help attract your target audience. You can work each keyword phrase into the content you already have planned, or you can use them to inspire related content that can be interlinked to give you a higher probability of ranking for the topic of knitting.

Collect the Keywords

When you discover new keyword ideas, collect them in a spreadsheet. You can also take them over to Google AdWords Keyword Tools or and plug them into those services to find out more information about the keyword ideas. There you can find out if the keyword phrases you’ve found are high competition, low completion or otherwise valuable keywords to bother trying to use.

Brainstorm Content

Using the keywords that you’ve found after you research their viability, now you can brainstorm content around the keyword ideas. For example, the phrase “How to Knit a Stitch” can become “How to Knit a Lace Stitch” and then substitute lace with the various types of stitches. You can easily turn these into articles or video content for your niche. Remember, the more content you have on your site the better – with one caveat. That is that the content needs to be something your target audience wants to know about, need to know, and will benefit from knowing. That’s why research is so important. Just because you find the phrase doesn’t mean it’s a good one for your needs. It totally depends on your audience and your goals. That’s the way to keep your content fresh and up to date with your audience.


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