Don’t Be Afraid To Use Multi-Media Content

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Don't be afraid to use Multi Media

When creating SEO content, it’s important to remember that there are many types of content besides text that you can use. In fact, the more types of content you use the better the search engine will like you. The more places you put content the better too.

For example, putting content on YouTube then embedding into your website, then sharing on social media to promote it, is a good example of how to use video to get more new visitors (directly from YouTube) to your website while also serving your repeat visitors right on the site. Plus, it offers content that you can use for promoting on social media directly from your website instead of sharing from YouTube.

This helps SEO because video or images are more likely to be shared than straight content without sound. This is especially true if you ensure that the video and images are relevant to your audience. Ensure that all video is shorter rather than longer, usually three to five minutes is enough. Ensure that all images are sharp and further understanding of the written content.

To ensure that video and images work for SEO remember that your website is the hub of all things. Even if you use another place to host your videos, you should put the video on the website before you share it. Then share from the website, not the place that hosts the video. That doesn’t mean you cannot build a following on YouTube too, but you want to use the content for SEO purposes embedding the well named (using SEO keywords) video into your site will work better.

Make sure that on the video host, like YouTube, that you also fill out the description completely. Link to your website in the description. This will help bring new visitors who happen to find your video on YouTube instead of your website. When you embed the video on your website it also helps to add a transcript if possible because then the search engines will find the keywords within the content and send those who search for that information to the video on your site.

When you share it on social media from your site, that’s a good way to get visitors to your site too. Make sure you add a call to action to the post where you embed the video as well because that will help increase conversions. When you share on Facebook make sure to give some idea about what’s in the video and ask them to click through to watch it. That will encourage not only looking but sharing.

When everything begins and ends with your website it’ll be a lot easier to build traffic, build your list, and make more sales using all types of content including images, videos, audio, and text.


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