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Have you ever had a great idea for a blog, but no idea how to execute it? Or maybe you love the thought of having a blog, but it just seems way to overwhelming and you haven’t the slightest clue where to start? Well the good news is there are a lot of free blogging courses to help you get started.

Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re just not getting the results you want.

It’s easy to assume that a higher course price tag equals more and better content, but I have personally tried almost all of these free blogging courses and can guarantee that the information they provide is up-to-date and of good quality. They do have courses that you can purchase as well, but if you are just getting your feet wet and starting on a budget these courses can be a wonderful stepping stone.

Side note: most of the free blogging courses listed below are lead magnets for paid courses on the same topics. Even if you don’t plan to purchase any courses right now, you can learn a LOT about about sales funnels by signing up for these free courses and paying attention to the emails and offers you receive. Trust me, when you get to the stage that you’re ready to create a sales funnel, you’ll be glad you did.

In fact, I would recommend saving all the emails you receive and creating your own “swipe file.” If you are planning to monetize your blog with digital products like courses or ebooks, you will most likely end up creating a sales funnel at some point and having a swipe file can be a great resource to refer to for ideas and inspiration.

What Not to Do With These Free Blogging Courses

As tempting as it may be, please don’t try to go through all of these free blogging courses at once. The reason for that is that there is no way that you can implement everything at once. In fact, you’ll just end up feeling overwhelmed or confused or both.

Instead, pick one (or two at most) that will help you take action right now and actually take the time to go through the course and implement the strategies. You want to get results from these courses, not a collection of digital clutter on your hard drive.

I’ve personally taken blogging courses (either free or paid) from most, but not all, of the course creators listed below. But… it’s been over the last two and a half years. Unfortunately, you can’t learn everything there is to learn about blogging in a week or a month. So, take your take time and focus on one at a time to get the most out of each and every one.

Free Blogging Courses to Help You Start A Money Making Blog

Blogs can be a great way to make passive income. If you have been blogging as a hobby these courses can help you strategize on how to turn your blog into a money maker. If you haven’t started, but want to blog for money, these courses can help you get started and take off in the right direction!

Meera Kothand: Start a Blog >>> Biz

Start a Blog is a course that does exactly that helps you with the fundamentals of actually starting a blog to make money. Everything from finding a niche, setting your blog up in WordPress, and gaining visitors and email subscribers. Meera Kothand also includes extra bonuses like her favorite resources.

Start a Mom Blog: The Blog Plan

Moms tend to have great ideas for blogs and lots of great personal stories to share. If you have felt called to start your own mom blog, this free course from my friend Suzi helps you learn how to start, how blogs work, and even what to name your blog. Suzi has literally taught over 40,000 moms to start their blogs. In fact, Suzi’s Blog by Number course was one of the first blogging courses I purchased when I started my own blog.

Suzi has a such a sweet personality and a true heart for teaching. If you’re interested in starting a mom blog (or any blog, really), you should definitely check out Suzi’s free courses.

Start a Mom Blog: First Month Blog Plan

The first month can be the most stressful and confusing in the blogging world. This guide (another of Suzi’s freebies) will help you take 31 actionable steps to make your blog a success. A plan and schedule will help you succeed even in the first month.

Dare to Conquer: Free Business Bootcamps

Paul Scrivens has made 9 different bootcamps to address the main points of starting an online business. They touch on how to get started, branding, marketing, understanding SEO, and more. This a great resource to use as you move through the steps of starting and optimizing your blog.

Paul (or Scrivs, as DTC members call him) is another teacher at heart who authentically shares everything he knows with his students. He hosts an active community for his students on Slack and if you tag him there, he personally replies. Not just every once in while – every single time. 

Scrivs’ emails are unlike any other blogger I know. I highly recommend you sign up for one of his free business bootcamps just to get his emails. You won’t be sorry!

Free Onine Business Bootcamps

Free Blogging Courses To Increase Blog Traffic

Ok so now you have a super cute blog all set up and ready to go, but how do you get it in front of readers? You aren’t making money if no one is coming to your site. These courses will help you drive traffic (make it easy to find/guide people) to your site and get you those subscribers!

Adventures in Blogging: 5 Day Traffic & Monetization Mini Challenge

This course helps you focus on your your traffic strategy and introduces new forms of income streams to capitalize on the traffic you already have. It also touches on call to actions that actually work as well as ideas for a niche if you are still searching for one.

Something you should know about Lena is that she doesn’t just blog about blogging (although she does have some blogging tips posts on her blog). Lena offers encouragement and resources for stay-at-home moms. She has been so successful at driving traffic to her blog using a combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pinterest that she created several courses to share her proven traffic and income strategies with other stay-at-home moms.

Adventures in Blogging: FREE Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

Adventures in Blogging has quite a few guides to help you increase your traffic, and this one is a perfect freebie for that information. This bonus guide provides 3 proven tips to increase traffic to you blog. If you are a beginner or have even been blogging for a while, this course will help push your traffic over the edge!

Free Blogging Course: FREE Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

Still looking for ways to drive traffic to your site? Redefining Mom gives you 101 ideas to choose from.

Courses On Using Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest is one of the absolute best ways to get free traffic to your blog. Think about how often you use Pinterest to find what you need? Now people can find your blog when they search for their needs. Pinterest is a visual search engine and will be one of your best marketing moves!

Mom Makes Cents: Pinterest Primer

One thing you may or may not know is that having a blog means you need to make friends with Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the best tools to drive traffic to your blog and this course helps you understand and implement Pinterest in your traffic strategy.

My friend McKinzie is a self-professed serial entrepreneur. Not only does she run a successful blog, she is a mega successful Lipsense distributor.

Free Pinterest Course: Pinterest Primer

 Pin Practical Ads

This 3 day course has great information about how to use the promoted pin ads within Pinterest. Promoted pins can give your strategy a real boost. It also helps you learn to focus on the correct keywords to find the right audience.

Free Pinterest Course: Pin Practical Ads

Pin Practical Funneling

Another great free course from Monica at Redefining Mom that touches on keywords, pin worthy graphics, but most importantly how to create an opt-in and sales funnels. Funnels=money makers!

Pinterest Group Board Spreadsheet

As you dig into learning about Pinterest, you will realize how important group boards can be to getting your content out there. This spreadsheet provides over 780 group boards by niche to help you save time when searching for the right group boards to join!

Free Blogging Courses To Help You Optimize Your Blog

Blogs have a lot of pieces and parts that make them a success. You need to drive traffic to your blog, but also have something there for your readers. Maybe you want to create a product, maybe you need great graphics and photos, or just optimizing what you do have.

Social media is also an important marketing tool – do you know how to use it? These courses help sharpen your blog, market well, and make your blogging venture a success.

Simplifying DIY Design: Create and Launch a Profitable Product

Creating a product of your own is one of the best ways to make real income from your blog. This course can help you determine what you should make, and how to actually make it and also how to launch it! Now you are a blogger and an inventor.

Kara Fidd, who offers this free course, as well as the next two, is a graphic designer who designed some pin templates for me (you can see an example here), as well the free blog planner that you can get at Blog Biz School before she stopped selling services and started creating courses to help others learn DIY design and digital product creation.


Simplifying DIY Design: Design Your Blog Growth Challenge

A 3 day challenge to help optimize your blog. This course covers optimizing what you already have, using social media, and how to use lead magnets. The bonus includes how to automate a funnel for your blog as well. 


 Simplifying DIY Design: Canva 2.0 Quick Start- Rock the Basics of Canva for Your Blog

Canva is a great tool to not only edit photos for your blog but also create graphics. This course helps cover the basics of using Canva, how to create graphs and lines, and much more. Learn how to make Canva a money maker for your blog. 

Free Blogging Course: Canva 2.0 Quick Start Rock the Basics of Canva for Your Blog

 Monthly Content Planning Kit

Hailey Dale provides a 16 page workbook that is designed to help you create a killer plan to organize and execute your blog. She dives into how to create great content, organize all your tools and channels, and plan and use your funnels.

If you’re a planner and like to have things all planned, organized and clearly laid out, you’ll love using Hailey’s content planning kit month after month.

Free Blogging Course: Monthly Content Planning Kit

 Instagram Authority Course

Instagram is a great tool to use to market your blog. Giving followers a snippet of the taste of your content will make them want to go check your content out (if you do it the right way of course). This course by Alex Tooby will teach you how to set up your Instagram, create great content, what hashtags to use, and all about how to increase your following.

Free Course: Instagram Authority

InDesign 101

InDesign is a program by Adobe made to help you create documents, brochures, page layouts, and other types of graphics for your blog. Knowing how to use these kind of programs and use them well will help you create quality documents for your blog that will stand out from the crowd.

You can also use InDesign to create planners, checklists and workbooks to give away as opt-in freebies (a.k.a. lead magnets) to grow your email list.

Free Course: InDesign 101

Free Blogging Courses On SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is so important to help people find your blog. You need the right keywords in the right places for the right number of times. This helps you pop up in the Google rankings when readers search for a topic you have blogged about.

Stupid Simple SEO: 5-Day SEO Bootcamp

A 5-day SEO bootcamp to help you get in the know about all things SEO. When you click the link to go to his page, it might say that Mike’s course is closed (like shown in the screen shot below). Stupid Simple SEO is not open for enrollment all the time, BUT you can sign up for the free 5-day SEO Bootcamp any time and be alerted when the course is open for enrollment again. Trust me you are going to want to know! Stupid Simple SEO is my favorite SEO course by far.

Mike has started several blogs in different niches, including one in the hiking and backpacking niche that he grew to $95,000 in passive income using SEO to drive his traffic, so he really knows what he’s talking about!

Free Blogging Course: 5-day SEO Bootcamp

So What Else Can I Do For My Blog?

After learning all the ins-and-outs of of how to monetize your blog, what else do you need? Community! Free blogging courses are great, but there’s nothing better than joining a community of people who are going through the same journey as you, the same struggles, the same victories.

The right community is great for asking questions and also for inspiring and helping others. If this sounds like something you need, I’d truly love for you to join our free community, Online Together, for support and accountability!

And if you’d like to read this later, please save it to Pinterest!


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