7 Best Photoshop Alternatives You Need To Try

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Photoshop is probably the most popular photo editor. It is a great tool to use, but as a blogger you might need a slightly different program that not only helps you edit photos but also makes quality graphics for your blog and social medias. I have tried quite a few Photoshop alternatives and wanted to share the information I’ve learned about each. Most people looking for this kind of tool are familiar with Canva. (Don’t worry if you aren’t- we will still talk about it.) Canva is a very popular photoshop alternative, but not the only one. So this list is helpful for those looking for Photoshop alternatives AND those looking for Canva alternatives.

The Top 7 Photoshop Alternatives for Graphic Design:

  1. Easil – Meet Easil, the DIY design secret weapon your whole team will love. Our easy to use brand tools will ensure your designs are used in the right way by your team, every time.”
  2. RelayThat “Elegant Design. Fast and easy. Instantly make on-brand images for every channel.”
  3. Stencil”Ridiculously simple image creation for social media marketers, bloggers, and small businesses.”
  4. BeFunky “Photo editing and graphic design made for everyone.”
  5. PicMonkeyPicMonkey’s online photo editor has all the tools and effects you need to make wow-worthy images. Take your photos, designs, and social media posts to the next level with filters, touch up tools, and graphics.”
  6. Crello – ”Easy-to-use design tool for creating stunning visuals.”
  7. Snappa “Whip up graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and more- even if you’re not a graphic designer”

Canva: A Popular Photoshop Alternative For Graphic Design

Canva Basics

Canva is one of the most well known Photoshop alternatives for graphic design. It gives you great options to make social media posts, upload your band font, create logos, and more.Canva is a great option for beginners because it is user friendly, which makes for an easy learning curve.

Best Canva Features

Canva has fantastic tutorials. They can help you make a simple social media graphic all the way to DIY designs for your blog. The team options are great too so if you have someone working with/for you, it’s easy to give them access to your brand colors and fonts.

Canva Pricing

Right now Canva is running a free trial for 30 days! So check them out here. After the 30 days you can either stick with the free plan or move to a Canva for Work option for $12.95 a month or Canva Enterprise which does not have a listed price. You can contact Canva for specialized pricing for the Enterprise option.

Use Easil for Gorgeous Templates & Easy-To-Use Photo Editing Tools

Easil Basics

Easil is a great Photoshop alternative if you are looking for photo editing tools, high quality images and easy-to-use templates. I love how light and bright their designs are. They have recently upgraded to make their workspace in a more user friendly format so it’s easy to learn. Easil provides a huge selection of templates for social media and even for blog posts.

Easil PINTEREST Templates


My favorite thing about using Easil is that when you use a template and add a picture/graphic of your choice, the program will automatically select colors from the image to use in your design! Most stock photos are $1 is which is pretty affordable and comparable to other programs (good option if you don’t have a stock photo membership like Ivorymix or Deposit Photos).

EASIL Pricing

You can start using Easil for free! Upgraded plans range from just $7.50 a month to $59 a month. Pick the option that fits your needs and your budget. I personally have the $7.50 per month plan and that’s all I need. To give Easil a try, just click here and you can get started right away.

Easil Instagram Templates

Use RelayThat to Create Lots of On Brand Designs Fast


RelayThat is a great option for multitasking! RelayThat provides the same options as most of the other programs such as photo editing and graphic templates, BUT it also lets you create a design in one template and it will automatically show you what those options will look like in the other template sizes. This saves so much time when creating graphics for multiple platforms.

Of all the Photoshop alternatives I’ve tried, RelayThat is the one that seems to be the most different. It’s the only tool I’ve used that dynamically changes the design while keeping all of you text and branding in place. This is a huge time saver vs. starting over again when you decide to choose a new template.


Another unique feature to RelayThat is the side bar lets you edit the text and pictures on the side without messing directly with the image. It also lets you chose a different color scheme and will automatically apply it to the entire image. Again, saving you time!

Don’t worry if that sounds a little complicated, RelayThat provides step by step tutorials if you want when you first start using it. 


RelayThat is $25 a month per user. That may seem a little pricer than some, but it does save you a ton of time so that is something to consider. If you want to give it a try, click here to check it out. (Reminder to add promo code as well)

Use BeFunky to Edit Photos and Make Collages


BeFunky is another great option for a free photo editor and collage maker. It has unique features that allow you to edit your photos in awesome new ways. This application would be great for those creating ads.

 As compared to some of the other Photoshop alternatives on this list, BeFunky seems to be a little bit closer to Photoshop in terms of photo editing tools, so if you mostly need to edit photos, BeFunky may be the best choice for you. 


I originally used BeFunky for just basic photo editing such as cropping and resizing, but after exploring a little more, I realized BeFunky had some super cool photo edits. My favorite one was the background editor. You can remove a background and totally change it or even make part of the picture transparent so you can overlay in onto another photo (great for logos). You can even simply change the background color of the photo without messing with the other people/items in the picture. Another useful option it had was alphabet overlays.

Another option that is really helpful is their stock photos. Unlike some of the other programs, they don’t have their own photos, BUT they pull from the stock photo websites so that you don’t have to go into those other applications to find them.


BeFunky has a free and paid options. If you upgrade to get the additional features, you have two options of payment. You can pay $6.99 and pay monthly or you can pay for a year up front at only $4.99 a month. Either option is a great deal for the features that are offered. To give BeFunky a try click here.



Stencil is a clean and classic graphic creation tool as well as photo editor. It is fairly simple layout in order to make jumping on and creating an image quick and easy. Stencil still has plenty of options for stock photos and templates, so don’t let the simpleness let you think it’s not packed with all the things you need! 


Everyone loves a good quote and Stencil knows it. They have a quote feature where when you type in a a topic it will give you a list of great quotes to add to your graphic or picture. No need to go searching for a quote on Google or on a separate website. Of all the Photoshop alternatives that I’ve tried, Stencil is the only one that has a quote library that is integrated into the design tool.

Here are just some of the other awesome Stencil features:

  • Over 2 million royalty-free images, 790+ templates 100,000+ quotes and 2,000,000 icons and graphics
  • 37+ common preset sizes for optimized for social, blog images and more
  • Upload your own fonts
  • See how your image will look with live previews


Stencil offers really great and affordable packages to use their program. You can use the free option, the $9 Pro option, or the $12 Unlimited option. $12 for unlimited is a fantastic deal for what you are getting and especially compared to other programs. Check Stencil out here!

PicMonkey – Another photoshop alternative for Quick Photo Edits & MORE

PicMonkey Basics

Pic Monkey is that happy medium tool filled with the options to do quick and easy photo fixes all the way to more serious editing and graphic creation. This means you can hop on and erase that ugly item in the background of your perfect picture or use their ready made templates to create a fun graphic for social media.


If you’ve ever used Photoshop you know the drop shadow effect really adds that pop to a picture. The good news is Pic Monkey offers the same ability to add drop shadow! I love that this feature is available on a multipurpose application.

Pic Monkey also has a Chrome extension that allows you to pull all the images from a page (say your newest blog post) into one place to use to make a graphic. This saves you time and creates a nice branding around your social media and your blog.


Like most programs, Pic Monkey gives you a few different pricing options depending on your needs. Right now you can actually try it for free for 7 days! That will help you decide if you need the $7.99/month for Basic, $12.99/mon for Pro, or $33.99/month for team. Additionally, each option can be paid for annually for a discounted rate. Give  Pic Monkey a try by clicking here!


Crello Basics

Crello is a great option especially for social media posts and digital adds. It provides cool templates and layouts. Using their photos will only cost you .99 cents which is less expensive than buying photos from most of the other programs. You can choose between a variety of categories like home, kids, fashion, and others.


Crello provides the option to make animated designs for your social media posts using templates – very unique and eye catching!

Videos tend to grab peoples’ attention more so than still images, so creating an animated graphic image is a perfect way to make your social media post really stand out without having to actually make a video.

Crello Pricing

The Basic Crello plan is free but will leave a small Crello watermark on your designs. Also, some of the templates are not available on the Basic plan.

However, the paid version starts at just $7.99/month or $19.99/month. (Both plans are less expensive if you pay by the year.)

To check out all the cool features on Crello, just click here! 

Use SNAPPA to Quickly Edit and Upload Images to Social Media

Snappa Basics

Similar to the other programs, Snappa provides everything you need to edit photos and create graphics as needed. It’s easy to use and provides all inclusive pricing, which is really nice.


Snappa offers social media integrations, which makes it super easy to create your graphic and then instantly upload it to the platform.  With their Buffer integration you can even schedule future posts. Anything that saves you times is a plus in my book. It also has built in 20% text verification for Facebook ads.

Check out this Snappa review from Product Hunt – sounds like a no brainer, right?


Snappa offers 3 great options: free, $10/month and team for $20/month. The $10 option really gives you all the bells and whistles and makes for a very affordable subscription. To give Snappa a try sign up for free here!

Photoshop can be an wonderful but expensive tool. All the Photoshop alternatives above give you a chance to edit photos, create great social media graphics, and not break the bank! Literally more bang for your buck. Let us know in the comments what you have tried and what you like the most!

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