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Subject Lines - Free Trial Email

Email Template - Free Trial Email

Hi [Name],

You asked for it, and I’m delivering…

If you act now, you can get [timeframe, such as “one week”] [of the item – such as “access to [name of] membership site] absolutely free. But hurry, this offer expires [relatively short time frame, such as “in three days”].

Get it here:

[link to claim the free trial offer]

I’ve never offered this deal before, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever offer it again. That’s why if you’ve ever thought about [joining this membership site, purchasing a SaaS offer, etc.], you’re going to want to grab this deal right away because it may not come around again.

Why am I doing this?

It’s pretty simple – I know that if you try out [product/membership] for [timeframe] for free, then you’re going to want to [become a full member/paying member/etc.]. That’s why I’m giving you unfettered, unlimited access for the next [number of days].

This isn’t stripped down or “lite” version of [product/service/membership site]. You’re not getting a [bronze/basic/etc.] [membership/trial].

Nope, act now and you get [the full version/the platinum version/the diamond version/etc.]. This includes the following benefits:

• You’ll get instant access to [some component of the offer, such as the private members-only forum].

• You’ll get [another component of the offer, such as the ability to download X number of courses, reports, etc.].

• You’ll also enjoy [some other component of the offer, such as group coaching, unlimited access to an app, etc.].

In total, there are [number] of [resources – such as courses, reports, modules, etc.] inside [the site] that are all designed to do one thing: [list the big benefit of this site].

You don’t need any previous experience in [the niche] in order to start [getting some benefit], because [explain how this site has everything a beginner needs to get started in the niche and getting some desired benefit].

You don’t need much time to start [getting some desired outcome], because [explain why they don’t need much time. For example, do you share time-saving tips inside the site? Is it a quick and easy method to get some result? Does the site include some sort of tools for making the process quick and easy, such as a time-saving app, printable checklists and similar?].

And best of all, when you act now you don’t even need a single cent to get started, because this offer is completely free…

If you purchased this offer, you’d pay [$x amount that the trial offer is worth] – and it would be worth every penny and then some. By why pay when you can get it for [a length of time] for free?

Take advantage of your free trial offer right now by clicking here:

[link to free trial offer]

I’ll see you inside!

[sign off]

P.S. Every day people ask me, “What’s the best way to [get some desired outcome]?” And every day I share tips, tricks and strategies in my newsletter, free reports, social media and elsewhere.

Now for the first time ever I’m revealing ALL my best tips, tricks and secrets for [getting a desired outcome] FREE for [length of time]. It would be really smart if you took advantage of this free trial offer before I changed my mind or before this offer is gone for good on [date that the free trial offer expires].

Get it here:

[link to free trial offer]


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