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Subject Lines - Welcome Email

Email Template - Welcome Email

Hi [Name],

Welcome to [group/community/list]!

I’m so glad you joined, because [insert the big benefit of joining]. Not only will you [get some desired outcome], but you’ll also [learn about some topic]!

We’ve got [type of people associated with the group, e.g., “dog trainers” or “dieters”] all over the world who are getting great [type of results] just by using the tips they’re learning here [inside the group, list, etc.]. And it doesn’t matter [if you’re just getting started in this specific niche] or if [you’re a seasoned pro/have years of experience/are an expert], there’s something for everyone inside [the group, list, etc.].

Best of all, we’re going to get started today as I share with you some of my best [type of] tips for [getting some specific result]. And over the next [timeframe, e.g., “week” or “month”], you’re going to get a crash course in [topic] delivered right here to your inbox. Here’s what you’ll discover:

• You’ll learn a nifty trick for [getting some benefit].
• You’ll find out how to use [a common every day item] to [get some benefit].
• You’ll discover a little-known way to [get a benefit].
• You’ll learn [number] tips and tricks for [getting a benefit].

And much, much more. By the time you’ve finished [this crash course on a certain topic], you’ll know exactly how to [get some desired outcome]!

So here’s what to do next…

First, if you didn’t already download the first [lesson, module, report, etc.], then you can do so right here:

[insert download link]

Secondly, you’ll want to jump in and read it right away, because [give a good reason why – the strongest benefit people will receive by reading this particular lesson].

Once you’re finished reading it, then be sure to [call to action – might be something like print off the associated worksheets, or put the content to work, etc.].

I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy!

[sign off]

P.S. You’ll get your next [lesson, module, chapter, etc.] [insert when they’ll get it – tomorrow? In three days? Etc.]. Keep an eye on your inbox!

PPS. Again, thank you for joining [name of the group/community/list], and welcome to the group!


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