How to Use Done-For-You Content Like An Expert

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When it comes to PLR, who knows more than the people who create the content we love to use? No one that’s who! That’s why I asked some of the best in the Done-for-You business to give us their most helpful tips!


And they certainly delivered! I learned a lot from these tips and I’m certain you will too.

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Tips from the PLR Pros



Website: Whole Food PLR
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One of the hardest things about using PLR is finding fast ways to turn that PLR into something new. So many people think that rewriting their PLR is the best way to make it unique, but that can be time-consuming and just plain hard. If you are looking to make use of your PLR fast, turning it into social media graphics is a great place to start.

Kelly McCausey


Website: Love People + Make Money
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Do this and you’ll thank yourself over and over again in the future. Every time you buy PLR, download and open the zip files immediately. You do this to familiarize yourself with everything included and make sure it’s what you were expecting.


After the file is opened, I delete elements I’ll never use, like PowerPoint slides and most videos and audios. If the PLR is related to software or social tools that change often, I will often edit the folder name to add ‘time sensitive’ to the name.


Then I sort the PLR remaining into one of four folders:

  1. Social Content
  2. Blog Content
  3. Optin Gifts
  4. Products to Sell/LeverageOpen. Delete. Sort.

Open. Delete. Sort.


Now, when you’re ready to take some action, the content is ready for you to access. You’re far less likely to forget what you have bought, let your valuable content go stale and or procrastinate implementation.


If you’d like to see this in action, I’ve demonstrated it in a webinar that you can gain access to at

Tiffany Lambert

Find PLR that gives you the best foundation so you can spend your time making it your own. There’s a lot of PLR on the market that requires so much work, just to make it readable. If you start with great content, you can leave more of it intact and simply work on adding personalization so that your blog post is then unique.


Another great way to get more mileage out of your PLR is to use it for something other than what it’s listed as. For example, if you buy a PLR eBook, break it up into dozens of blog posts instead. Or if you buy email autoresponders, use those for your blog. Don’t be afraid to make a collage out of various PLR pieces, because it stands apart to search engines.

Yes I want the workbook!

Sharyn Sheldon


Website: Content Sparks
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When using PLR for your blog, think of it as your raw material rather than a finished piece of content. Your blog is a place to show off your own personal ideas, insights, and personality. So it’s essential that your content does exactly that.

PLR gives you something to spark your creativity and get your thoughts flowing. Use it as your starting point for a blog post or repurpose it into other media formats, like an infographic, slideshow, audio, or video. And remember that you can mix different media in one post, especially by adding visuals. Then your blog content will be totally unique and no one will ever know or care, that you used PLR.

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Alice Seba


Website: List Magnets
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PLR is a great tool for email marketing. From growing your list to sending a steady stream of quality content to your subscribers, there are many opportunities to improve your email marketing with PLR. Here are a few ideas for you:


Use PLR reports or other valuable content as a free gift with subscription. Make sure the report includes information your targeted subscriber is looking for and it matches the type of content/promotions they’ll get on the follow-up, so you can sell them useful products and services.


Use PLR for your email messages. Whether it’s PLR meant for emails or articles you convert into email messages, it doesn’t matter. A lot of the content for your list can be taken care of for you.


Publish PLR articles and content on your website and include an invitation to opt-in to your list for more information on each piece of content. Don’t just rely on an opt-in box on the sidebar of your site…invite them directly in the context of the content.


Distribute your reports freely without requiring an opt-in to get more downloads, but insert information about related free gifts that you offer to your subscribers.


Create a free “membership” where subscribers get access to ongoing content (the PLR you publish) in return for their registration (i.e. signing up for your list!).


Because PLR is so cheap and ready-made, it’s easy to create multiple highly-targeted lists on a variety of topics. So if you’re in the health market, for example, you can have list for weight loss, nutrition, skincare or any variety of even more specific topics.


Just a few ideas to get you started. PLR makes it much easier to get your email marketing done so you can focus on getting more subscribers onto your list and turning them into buyers.

Chad Eljisr


Website: eCover Authority
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I consider PLR content as raw material or as an outline. I then inject my own personality, my personal experience, my opinion even maybe a case study so at the end, I OWN that content and it becomes totally


But I often go even further, adding that extra added value that makes a difference: I change the format from text to video for example or add a relevant template, a mindmap, a cheat sheet, an action plan – and I may go one more step and interview an expert to get an authority insight related to the PLR topic that I am using to create my own content.


In a nutshell, I come with exclusive added value that will turn that PLR content into something totally unique.

Sue Fleckenstein


Website: Buy PLR Today
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It’s important to get your content out there, this way you can attract new readers to your content and hopefully turn them into subscribers and customers.


Today people are super busy, so make it easy for them to consume your work. One way to do this is to read your articles into a software such as Audacity, then save the files as an MP3. Then simply post the audio track on your blog. This gives your readers the option of reading or listening to your content. Also, create a Sound-Cloud account and post the audio there, this is an easy way of distributing your content over the internet and increasing your traffic.


Another way to re-purpose some of your articles is to turn copy and paste the content into a slide. Create a template that brands your business and then use this over and over again. Make sure the last slide has your contact info, your photo, and your website. Once done simply upload to slide sharing sites such as Slide-share, which is now run by LinkedIn, so there’s lots of potential for new traffic from there.


As well as getting your content out there, you are getting your name and brand published everywhere! Super important for building trust and recognition.

Want to learn more about the basics of PLR?

Be sure to read Frequently Asked Questions about Private Label Rights Content!


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