It’s Not Just About SEO – How’s Your Conversion?

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How is your conversion rate?

Search engine optimization theoretically will help with conversions. But, if you’re not testing and tracking you won’t really know if the SEO work that you’re doing is helping or not. The trick is to know what your goals are so that you know what results you’re expecting by your actions. When you work toward defining your goals as you optimize for search engines you’ll find that you get better results.

Let’s look at some possible goals and how to achieve them.

Establish Expertise on A Topic – One way to become known as the go-to expert on a topic is to create a lot of content and promote a lot of content about the topic. For example, you could write a white paper or even a book, then promote it across all channels.

Increase Sales for a Product – If your goal is to make sales, then you’ll need to ensure that the content carries the right keywords, the right power words, and the right call to action. But you also need to ensure that the product is what the audience really wants and needs.

Build Your Email List – If your goal is to build your email list, usually you’ll create a freebie or lead magnet to help build the list. It’s important that you are providing a solution to your audience using the right keywords and terms that attracts them to it.

Send Traffic to a Sales Page – Want to send targeted traffic to a page ensure that the page has the right type of content that will interest the people you’re trying to send to that page. You can add some paid promotions with.

Ensure Sales Page Converts – If you want to sell things from a sales page, you need to ensure that the sales page is well written and that it targets the same audience that the information you distribute to drive traffic to the sales page. Plus, the item you’re selling needs to be something your audience wants.

Build a Facebook Group – If you want to build a Facebook Group (or any type of community) it’s imperative that you use the right words. Words that your audience uses, that resonates with them, and that they’d search for if they were searching for your group on Google.

Sell a Monthly Membership – Selling a monthly membership is much the same as selling anything on a sales page. You need to find the people who want and need what you offer in the membership, then use the right words to attract them to the sales page, then explain the benefits they’ll enjoy as members using the right keywords too.

Promote an Affiliate Product – Even when you’re focused on promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate you need to create content around the problem the product solves using keywords that attract the right audience to the product.

It’s very important that you use the right keywords that your target audience understands and uses so that you can attract the right people to the content you’re promoting. This is going to help you ensure that you’re converting in the right way to the right people.

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