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SEO and Social Media

One factor that helps SEO today is social signals. Social signals are simply proof that shows how active you are on social media, how many people share your content, like your content, follow your content, and engage with your content. To get more social signals that show proof that you are popular you can go about it a lot of ways.

The benefits of social signals and social proof are clear. They drive traffic, help build links, boost domain authority and help your audience trust you. After all, if 6000 people like you and trust you, they will feel as if they should too.

Set Up Easy Share Buttons – Be sure to put social sharing buttons that are easy to use on your website and blog. This is going to make it easier for them to share. If you add the words “don’t forget to share” that will help to get more engagement.

Ask People to Like, Follow, & Share – If you ask people to participate with you on social media they’re more likely to do so. Be sure to always ask for the like, the share, and the follow when it’s appropriate to ask.

Cross Promote – Promote social media to social media, and your blog to social media, and your social media to your blog readers and everything in email too. Cross promoting across all channels is the best way to boost your social signals and social proof.

Optimize Your Profiles – You can also make your profiles better by using keywords within your social media profiles. That will help attract people to find you, plus, it will help search engines know that you are an expert in a particular niche.

Optimize Pages, Posts, & Titles – Be sure to add keywords to all your pages, posts, and titles. When you optimize your pages including descriptions to your site it will help shares get more attention.

Add a CTA to All Posts – Don’t forget to add calls to action to all your posts and pages on your website. The call to action can be something to buy but it can also be a reminder to like, follow, and share.

Use More Images – Of course, you want to optimize your images, but using more images to help attract visitors, explain a hard concept, and communicate with your audience helps get more shares, likes, and comments.

The trick is to leave no stone unturned. Optimize everything for the keywords you know your audience uses. Focus on keyword rich titles, subject lines, headings, and creating relevant content that offers value to your audience. Then cross promote and ask your friends and followers to also share to ensure that the word gets out loud and clear.

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