100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas to Inspire and Entertain in 2020

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There is so much freedom in having a lifestyle blog! You can write about anything you want! But that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to come up with new post ideas. Writer’s block can hit at anytime.

This is one reason it’s a great idea to keep a running list of post ideas. And today’s blog post will get you started with 100 ideas for your lifestyle blog.

Now when you’re struggling for new ideas, just pull out this checklist, pick a topic, and let your creative juices flow. Just think, if you write one blog post a week, you will have enough ideas for almost two years of blog posts!

  1. 5 Outfits to go on casual date
  2. 10 things we don’t know about you
  3. 5 things you can’t live without
  4. 72 Hours in your city
  5. A Typical Day in Your Life
  6. A day at the mall.
  7. A funny experience you had
  8. Describe your ideal day
  9. A letter to your younger self
  10. Advice for recent grads
  11. An embarrassing story
  12. An open letter to someone or a trend
  13. Anything related to your career journey
  14. Are you a morning person or night owl?
  15. Blogging DOs and DON’Ts.
  16. Childhood memories
  17. Cleaning hacks
  18. Create a gift giving guide.
  19. Create a movie theater ticket it or skip it post.
  20. Day in your life
  21. Describe your dream day
  22. Do a behind the scenes post.
  23. List some things to be happy about
  24. Favorite healthy snacks
  25. Favorite restaurant or food round up
  26. General money saving tips
  27. Get ready with me
  28. Give Bloggers Love
  29. Give a tour of your workspace.
  30. Go Behind-the-Scenes
  31. Guilty Pleasure List
  32. Habits of successful people
  33. Hair hacks to save time in the morning or after a workout
  34. Happiest moment of your life and why
  35. Healthy changes to make today
  36. Host a guest post
  37. How do you budget your finances?
  38. How do you dress up for a big event?
  39. How do you organize your blog posts?
  40. How to decorate a small space or a rental
  41. How to save money on food
  42. Morning/ Bedtime routine
  43. If you had a million dollars, what would you do?
  44. Interview a fellow blogger
  45. iPhone photography tips
  46. Kitchen hacks to save time and money
  47. Massive list of blog post ideas.
  48. What apps do you use?
  49. Lessons learned from blogging
  50. Lessons learned from family
  51. Lessons learned in college or in your first job
  52. List 10 things you’re grateful for.
  53. Make a Top Tips Post
  54. Must haves for your workspace
  55. Organization hacks
  56. Places you want to visit
  57. Profile an Employee
  58. Live blog a movie
  59. Review a book, event or a movie.
  60. Share about your pets if you have them
  61. Share one of your secrets
  62. Share your favorite foolproof recipe
  63. Share your morning routine
  64. Share your weekend in photos.
  65. Shopping tips: saving money on clothes or home items
  66. Something that made you stronger
  67. Something you overcame
  68. Something you want to get better at
  69. Spirituality routine
  70. Talk about a time you’ve failed at something
  71. Talk about your college experience
  72. Talk about your last job interview.
  73. Talk about your most memorable birthday.
  74. Things to do with friends
  75. Tips for decluttering
  76. Top blogging tools
  77. Travel Wishlist
  78. Share some girl power quotes
  79. Trend Roundups
  80. What does your family do for the holidays?
  81. What equipment do you use to take blog photos?
  82. What inspires you?
  83. What is your five year plan?
  84. What you wish people knew about you
  85. What’s on my phone?
  86. What’s on your wish list currently?
  87. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  88. Where to go on a first date?
  89. Who is your spirit animal and why?
  90. Why I started a blog?
  91. Write a letter to your future self.
  92. Write about how you stayed organized daily.
  93. Write about your first something [kiss, concert, etc.]
  94. Write from the heart and just go for it.
  95. Your biggest success in life so far and what it felt like.
  96. Your daily routine.
  97. Your inspirations
  98. Your opinion on a current trend
  99. Your favorite desserts
  100. Do you dress up for a big event?

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Best of all, you can get access to all of these blog post ideas plus printable checklists for free at Blog Biz School.

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15 Responses

    1. I love all of these ideas but your formatting on mobile is very confusing. You have bullets and numbers which makes it look like “210 things you dont know.” ??

  1. Killer list, Chantel! I have a business and lifestyle blog and get stuck on both of them. These are definitely going to save me a bit of time. You rock, girl!


  2. this is so helpful! Thank you!

    I have an off-topic question for you: Why did you decide to blog under your own name, rather than a descriptive title? I am processing the idea of rebranding and would love to do so under my own name, but I worry that it would lose the value of having a relevant blog title.


    1. Hi, Caren. So glad the post ideas are helfpul!

      I personally decided to name my blog under my name becuase I was a new blogger and I wasn’t sure if my blog direction was set in stone or if it would change. Plus I noticed a few other bloggers that had eventually changed from a branded blog name to a personal blog name. And I couldn’t really decide on a name that I loved. So, I just went with my name from the beginning. Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Hi Chantel! Thank you so much for your wonderful post. It’s super helpful. I’ve started my own blog (phmillennia.com), and well, I’m trying to figure out what lifestyle topics to write about. Your list just gave me a lot of interesting ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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