How to Create Social Media Content that Grows Your Blog

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You probably already know that you need to leverage the power of social media in order to grow your blog. Social media can help you get your message out to your ideal audience, gain visibility, drive traffic, and create a memorable brand that people want to follow. You can have an amazing blog with tons of attention-worthy content, but if you are not leveraging social media properly, you will not reach the audience that you are writing for!

Social media platforms are not just distribution channels. As a blogger, you should not just be writing a blog post then distributing the link to the post across all of your social media accounts. No, no, noooo.

I hate to break it to ya, but…

Not all social media platforms are created equal

What do I mean by this? Each social media platform serves a very different function and satisfies a different need by the consumer. The type of social media content that we seek on one platform differs from another. If we were looking to consume only one type of social media content, we would not have three, four, five different social media accounts that we check everyday.

How does this relate to your blog?

If your current social media strategy has been to just distribute your existing blog post across all of your accounts, you are not respecting the psychology of the consumer and the purpose of the platform itself. I’m not saying that you can not distribute your blog post content across all of your social media accounts; However, you have to re-purpose and re-shape that piece of blog content to fit each social media platform.

Creating more content seems like a whole lot of extra work, but it is actually very simple! You already have that captivating, attention-worthy blog post. Now, you just have to reconfigure the information into social media content that respects each platform.

And you know what this results in?

MORE subscribers. MORE traffic. MORE conversions. MORE quality social media followers.

Social media content can dramatically grow your blog, you just have to know how to leverage each platform correctly!

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How do social media platforms differ?


If you are not leveraging Facebook to grow your blog, you better start right now! Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 1.74 BILLION daily active users. I assure you, your ideal audience that would love to read your fabulous blog, is on Facebook right now!

What is the purpose of Facebook?

People go on Facebook for the main reasons of staying connected with their friends and family members, and to get news (although it may not always be accurate news!).

Facebook users aren’t really there to be sold a product or service. Their intention isn’t to buy, it’s to connect and learn.

Social media content can dramatically grow your blog if you know how to leverage each platform correctly, but not all platforms are created equal!

How can you create social media content for Facebook that will help grow your blog?

There are a few methods you can use to create social media content out of your blog post, specifically for Facebook.

    1. Promote the link to your post on your business page or in Facebook groups (when allowed). Facebook is one of the very few social media platforms where you can just straight up post the link! So no extra effort required here 🙂
    2. Create your own Facebook group that branches off of your blog. Having your own Facebook group is an excellent way to foster a community that connects your subscribers together! If you are the owner of the Facebook group, you can essentially control what type of content you want to share, including your blog posts!
    3. Host a Facebook Live centered around your blog post topic. Putting a face to your blog and the content you are providing can help humanize your brand. Plus, if you are creating a live video around your topic, you already know the information to share! You are just saying or showing it, rather than writing about it.


Instagram is a highly visual social media platform since it is really just a stream of pictures and videos! But this doesn’t mean you cannot use your blog post to create social media content for the platform.

What is the purpose of Instagram?

In 2014, Facebook conducted a study to find the main reasons why people (ages 13-24) used Instagram. A few key findings included…

  • 63% of users use Instagram to document their life
  • 56% of users reported that the platform makes them feel more connected to people they know
  • 52% of users agreed that it gives them a sense of community
  • 68% of users said that they interacted with brands regularly (on Instagram)

Ultimately, people are using Instagram for documenting, sharing, creating, becoming part of a community, and staying connected with others.

Social media content can dramatically grow your blog if you know how to leverage each platform correctly, but not all platforms are created equal!

How can you create social media content for Instagram that will help grow your blog?

Think about how you can turn your blog post into a visual story. What image could encapsulate the content of your post? What image would capture the attention of someone that would be interested in your blog post content?

Something to also consider is writing long-form captions. If you are blogging, I am assuming you enjoy writing (and hopefully you are really, really good at it!). Leverage that strength of yours. Write captivating Instagram captions that leave your followers wanting more. That way, they will gain initial interest on the social platform, and then seek out the entire post on your blog.


If you are not aware already, Pinterest is pretty much the holy grail of blog content. Virtually every pin links back to a blog post, or an actual product. If you have not started leveraging Pinterest to grow your blog, you NEED to start right after you finish reading this blog post 🙂

What is the purpose of Pinterest?

Most people don’t realize that Pinterest actually functions as a visual search engine. When you are logging onto Pinterest, you are using the search bar to find products, blog posts, recipe ideas, fitness plans, wedding inspiration, etc. Pinterest is a tool for discovery and trying new things. Basically, the perfect social media platform for marketing your blog posts.

Social media content can dramatically grow your blog if you know how to leverage each platform correctly, but not all platforms are created equal!

How can you create social media content for Pinterest that will help grow your blog?

Pinterest is a highly visual platform, but you can not just post any photo and expect it to get tons of repins! Pinterest suggests that pins

  • Use high quality images
  • Are vertical and taller in dimension
  • Should have minimal text

You want to also clearly state the title of your blog post, or what it is about, and mention if there is a freebie included in the blog post. This help incentivize people browsing on Pinterest and could potentially lead to more conversions and higher traffic to your blog!

As for the description of the pin, you want to clearly state what your blog post is about, while also pulling in a few keywords to boost the SEO (search engine optimization).

Pinterest offers a few tips for pin descriptions:

    Recipes: Describe the main ingredients of the dish and how to cook it
    Fashion: Include what kind of clothing, the designer or season to wear it
    Travel: Tell people the location and the kinds of things you can do there
    DIY: Describe what it is, how you make it and what materials people need
    Photography: Name the photographer, year, subject or publication
    Design: Mention the designer, medium, publication, etc.

Lastly, remember that you can have multiple pins for one blog post! Try out a few different styles, perhaps change the image, the font, or the color palette, and see which one performs best.

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Twitter is based upon sparking conversation about various topics, events, and even trending hashtags. The uses for Twitter are extremely diverse and can really vary among users.

What is the purpose of Twitter?

The main purpose of Twitter is creating conversation. That conversation can be centered around breaking news, content, trending hashtags/topics, other people’s tweets, etc. Twitter can also be used for staying up to date on what is happening in the world and what is happening in the lives of people within your social circle.

Social media content can dramatically grow your blog if you know how to leverage each platform correctly, but not all platforms are created equal!

How can you create social media content for Twitter that will help grow your blog?

Since Twitter is a social media platform that also serves as a news aggregator, you can easily tweet out the link to your blog posts. However, you may also want to include either a picture or a video with your tweet.

Did you know that videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than photos, and 3x more than GIFs?

Try making a simple video out of your blog post content to grab people’s attention when they are scrolling through their Twitter feed.

A Little Something Extra For You

Ultimately, one blog post can be repurposed into SO many different pieces of social media content that can all dramatically help grow your blog. You already have the content from the post, now all you have to do is re-shape the content into something that best suits each social media platform.

To give you some ideas, here is a FREE cheat sheet of 21 different ways your can re-purpose one blog post. Try ‘em out and create the perfect social media content!

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Social media content can dramatically grow your blog if you know how to leverage each platform correctly, but not all platforms are created equal!


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