The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Tools in 2020

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If you are a blogger or run an online business and you’re interested in extending your reach and spreading the word to as many potential readers or customers as possible, then ignoring social media is simply not an option.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for any business that wants to promote itself to a large audience and has been instrumental in the success of many modern products and services.

In case you’re still thinking you can do without it, here are five reasons you should definitely be using social media to promote your blog or online business.

Just want to see the list of social media tools? Scroll down to the complete guide in two sections – “at a glance” and “in depth reviews” of 25 tools!

The Market is Huge

Did you know that Facebook would be the third largest country in the world if you were to take every member and put them in one place? It’s true!

That’s an absolutely crazy number of users that you can potentially gain access to, simply by promoting yourself on Facebook. Then if you consider all the other social media platforms available, social media is simply too huge of an opportunity to miss.

It’s Conducive to ‘Virality’

If you want your content, such as an idea, video or article, to ‘go viral’ then you need social media. Social media’s design makes it perfectly suited to helping content go viral. All the tools for sharing are right there and the networks are already in place.

It’s Interactive

Social media isn’t just about reaching your audience though – it’s also about interacting with them. Because social media lets you respond to comments, it means that you can actively engage with them and build relationships.

It’s Personal

Social media is also personal and often the networks that are in place are based on real-world social networks. So when you see that someone ‘likes’ a product that isn’t just a meaningless statistic – it is a referral from someone who trusts you.

It’s Targeted

When you sign up to a given social media channel as a user, you will start out by giving your personal details. These include your name, age, marital status and more. In other words, you are providing tons of information that can then be used by businesses to identify their precise target demographic. You don’t just have a huge market here but a tailored one!

And there’s more!

Social media has many benefits beyond these five though. Whether it’s the incredible networking possibilities you’re interested in or the tools and apps that make it so easy to manage your accounts, there are many more ways that social media sets itself apart as one of the most powerful tools available to businesses of all sizes. Social media can potentially help you to reach a huge audience of followers while at the same time putting the power in their hands to share and promote your content even further. It’s excellent for building trust and authority and even better for developing a relationship with your customers and potential customers. There’s just one problem: it takes a lot of time and effort to get right. Fortunately though, if you know how to find the best apps and tools for managing your social media it’s possible to remove a lot of the guesswork and even to automate a fair amount of the work.

Which tool should I use…?

This is a question that I have seen asked so many times in Facebook groups that I decided to create the Ultimate Guide to Top Social Media Tools for Bloggers and Online Businesses. The guide is in two sections.

Social Media Tools at a Glance

In the first section, you will find a list of the 25 top social media tools for bloggers and online businesses in a sortable, searchable table. You will be able to see at a glance which platforms are supported, as well as other details.

Social Media Tools in Depth Reviews

In the second section are detailed lists of key features for each tool, what others are saying about these tools and current pricing information. I hope this guide is helpful to you and be sure to let me know if your favorite social media tool is not included on the list. 🙂 Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links in this article, I may earn a commission, but… It won’t cost you anything extra. Want to learn more about how you can make money blogging with affiliate marketing? ? Read this… Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – A Beginner’s Guide. Looking for a social media tool that supports all the platforms you are most active on? The table below is sortable and searchable, so use it to find the perfect tool for you! Want to learn more information about key features of each platform and what others are saying? Keep scrolling down below the table to get all the details! [table id=4 /]

Board Commander Features

    • Board Commander is a Pinterest scheduling tool. • Create campaigns to schedule pinning to personal and/or group boards. • Choose number of pins to pin, start/end time and which days to pin. • Specify how many days to wait before pinning a duplicate pin. • Specify a source board – by either selecting one of your own boards, a group board you belong to or any other board by URL. • Follow by keyword, account (URL of specific user) or board (URL of specific board). • Specify user(s) to never follow. • Indicate min/max number of follows per day and what days of the week to follow. • Use unfollow task to unfollow users that do not follow you (optional). • Indicate how many days to wait before unfollowing. • Indicate min/max number of unfollows per day and what days of the week to unfollow. • Indicate specific profiles (by URL) to never unfollow. • Reports include pinning history, board performance and follower growth. • Find Group Boards from an included list of almost 2k group boards.

Have you used Board Commander?

Leave a comment and share your experience!

Social Networks Supported

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BoardBooster Features

    • BoardBooster is a pin scheduling tool for bloggers. • With BoardBooster, you can schedule pins directly from the Pinterest website or app. • Use campaigns to schedule pins to group boards. • BoardBooster uses secret boards as as source boards for campaigns. • Monthly plans start from $5 and Boardbooster charges per pin. • Looping is intended for large boards that have thousands of followers. • Looping repins older pins to the same board. • Depending on how you set BoardBooster up, duplicate pins are deleted while looping.

What others are saying about BoardBooster

I use BoardBooster for Pinterest which automatically loops your pins, you can contribute to group boards with their campaigns and it’s just all around awesome. — Alexa Rosario
The best feature (for me) is that it starts off cheaper than Tailwind and I don’t have to pay the year up front to get the better price. – Yamilette Platero

Social Networks Supported


Buffer Features

    • Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day. • Post the same message to all accounts or customizing each to add context. • Schedule shares as you discover content using browser extensions and mobile apps. • Use Pablo to create your own content with the perfect sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Customize typography, font sizes and other formatting options. • Free plan does not include Pinterest. • Pay monthly or get a 15% discount when paying annually. • Limitations on sharing the exact same content more than once.

What others are saying about Buffer

It’s got a really nice and clean interface. — Siobhan Johnson (I like) the fact that I can use it from my phone, my iPad and my desktop. — Helene Walters-Steinberg
Buffer is awesome, except it doesn’t re-queue posts automatically which meant I was spending WAY too much time scheduling posts. — Alexa Rosario
(I like) being able to integrate my RSS , use Pablo for graphics, having so many accounts connected, the app is incredibly easy to use and they company is always there to help on all platforms. — Trudy Louis

Social Networks Supported

Go TO buffer

CoSchedule Features

    • Content calendar with drag and drop scheduling. • Easy calendar filtering and tagging options. • Create a predefined social sharing plan to reuse again and again. • ReQueue intelligently sends messages out at the best possible traffic times for each network. • CoSchedule plugin allows you to manage your entire blog process directly in WordPress. • Integrations with Google Docs, Evernote and Google Analytics available. • Curate content using the Chrome extension.

What others are saying about CoSchedule

The social templates just make it so quick and easy to get all your social media posts done and scheduled. I use a template every time I publish a new blog post and it literally takes me like 10 mins to schedule a month of promotional social media.
I also like the flexible dates for scheduling, i.e. 3 days after publish, for promoting content most. That way if I move around the publish date of something after I’ve already planned the promo, everything automatically adjusts. SO nice for planning and adjusting launches!
If you’re looking for something to schedule your social media based on when you publish blog posts, I highly recommend CoSchedule. It’s the best all-around editorial/content calendar. — Lauren Bennight

Social Networks Supported

Go TO CoSchedule

Crowdfire Features

    • The biggest marketing product for Twitter and Instagram. • Remove unwanted, spam, irrelevant accounts that do not add value to your feed or end goal. • Get your target audience talking about and to you on social media. • Tools to reach the right people and grow your follower count. • Monitors your accounts in real-time and figures exactly how you can grow. • Finds content that your audience will love. • Let Crowdfire schedule your posts across your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more at the best time. • Gets you the right audience, and helps you keep them hooked.

What others are saying about Crowdfire

I love crowdfire! It makes growing your following so easy. They literally spoon feed you who to follow (and unfollow), what to share and interact with and bonus you can schedule or they share at best time. — Nadalie Bardowell
I used to be able to see recent unfollowers so I could catch those pesky follow/unfollowers, but I don’t have that feature anymore and can’t tell if it’s available in the paid option. — Sandra Gabriel

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Crowdfire

Grum Features

    • Post on Instagram from your computer! • Add caption, the first comment and emojis. • Upload photos from your computer and they will be published in your Instagram account on the required day and at the right time. • Includes a calendar to view scheduled posts. • Post your content to as many accounts as you need at the same time. No need to log in and out of the Instagram app to switch accounts! • Try 3 days for free.

What others are saying about Grum

I love that Grum posts automatically to Instagram for me! I feel like I’m constantly on the go all day, and I often forget about push notifications on other Instagram apps. I love just being able to plan everything out in advance and not worry about it. — Janelle Martel

Social Networks Supported

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Hootsuite Features

    • Manage all your social networks in one dashboard. • Auto content scheduling. • Respond to messages, mentions and comments from within one dashboard. • Use analytics reports to learn about your audience, improve your campaigns and see what’s working & what isn’t. • Listening feature allows you to monitor your brand.

What others are saying about Hootsuite

I haven’t used it for a while but I used to like the suggested content bit. — Colette Broomhead
I know HootSuite is the most popular but I absolutely HATE their interface. — Alexa Rosario
The free version allows you to schedule group stuff as well. But over all the interface is rather confusing. — Melissa Young I love that I can easily repost posts that I’ve liked without a watermark. — Sandra Gabriel

Social Networks Supported

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Later Features

    • Visually plan & schedule Instagram posts. • Calendar-view scheduling. • Conversion-oriented tools that help turn engaged customers into paying ones. • Grid preview lets you view and arrange how your Instagram feed appears to prospective followers. • Media library is a collection of the photos and videos that best represent your brand. • Groups & labels to organize the media label. • Bulk uploader lets you sync and store photos from your iPhone storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox. • Search & repost feature helps you find great posts on Instagram from your community so you can engage with them and repost their content.

What others are saying about Later

I really like It always posts on time for me and I love that I can preview my feed and drag around the order for design purposes. The only downside is that you only get 30 posts per month on the free plan, but I usually find that is enough for me. — Natalie Walstein

Social Networks Supported

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Link in Profile Features

    • Link in Profile lets you add links to your Instagram images and send your followers where you want them to go. • Recognizes the URL in your Instagram post caption automatically. • You can pin a post to the top of your landing page. • You can set a default link so that all of your posts will appear on your landing page even if you haven’t added a URL to them. • Your followers can choose between list view and grid view from your landing page. • You can set either view as the default view that followers see when they view your landing page. It’s a simple selection in settings. • All plans include a 30 day free trial.

What others are saying about Link in Profile

I just started using link in profile on my new Instagram account and it is definitely worth it for both sales AND list sign up. Being a newer account, my follower count isn’t super large, but they’re engaged which translates really well for clicks! Such great engagement, I’m considering paying for a second account on my main, personal account. — Erika Sweeting Dawson
I use so that I can individually link images in Instagram. — Jessica Turner‎

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Link in Profile Features

    • is a landing page that resembles your Instagram feed. • Displays your posts as clickable images. • Makes it easy to build a clickable, shoppable feed that links your audience straight to your content. • Add unique links to each Instagram post and then schedule or publish them through Later. • Starts at $16/month for 2 Instagram accounts.

What others are saying about

I … have seen ( on a LOT of profiles lately and I like it! This makes sure that every single photo you share and say “link in profile!” can be accessed – even if someone looks at it 3 months later! — Kinsey Parker Schopp

Social Networks Supported


Linktree Features

    • Never change your bio link again. • Linktree is a free tool that links to a custom landing page. • Paste in URLs and then drag and drop to reorder. • Send your Instagram followers anywhere you want – your blog, website, e-commerce store, etc.

What others are saying about Linktree

Checkout Linktree for your Instagram account. All you do is create this one link for your bio and it takes your instagram followers to a page with links to all the pages you wish to drive traffic to! — Yamilette Platero‎
‘Click the link in my bio’ on Instagram now has a different (and better meaning). I have been using It is absolutely awesome and I love this free app. It gives me one page to showcase different links (blog, facebook page, flash sale, freebie, etc.). — ‎Shelley Worsham‎

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Linktree

MeetEdgar Features

    • Create a custom, automatic posting schedule • Automatically saves posts to a library of social updates where they’re saved for future reuse. • An auto-refilling queue based on your saved content, so you never miss a scheduled timeslot again. • Ability to sort updates into categories, • Ability to create a customized, automatic posting schedule based on category. Chrome browser extension for easy scheduling while browsing the web. • In-app analytics.

What others are saying about MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar got me hooked on using a platform that automatically loops the stuff… but I wasn’t exactly happy paying $80/month. — Alexa Rosario

Social Networks Support

Go TO MeetEdgar

MissingLettr Features

    • Missinglettr monitors your blog 24/7. • When you publish an blog post, Missinglettr automatically creates a year’s worth of social media updates, pre-filled with images, formatted quotes, hashtags and text. • Creates a campaign that is dripped to social media for an entire year. • Notifications allow you to review and approve campaigns before they are activated. • More flexible scheduling options coming soon. • Support for Facebook and Pinterest coming soon.

What others are saying about MissingLettr

I like Missing Lettr. it schedules an image and text for a whole year. it works only for Twitter right now but it is great to have it automated and they are working on Facebook. One post a week is free. More than that you have to pay. — Annabelle Humanes
What’s nice about MissingLettr is that it automates your scheduling and maximizes your post promotion opportunities by doing the dirty work of picking out quote worthy phrases and adding them to queue. You also get to review and approve before it goes out so you know exactly what you are sharing. — Meera Kothand

Social Networks Supported

Go TO MissingLettr

PinPinterest Features

    • Choose the actions you’d like PinPinterest to perform – Follow, Unfollow, Auto Pin, Schedule Pins. • Enter tags relevant to your niche – PinPinterest uses these tags to find relevant followers for you • PinPinterest can pin new content from your site. Provide your URL and PinPinterest will crawl your website and decide which links are interesting enough to be pinned to your desired boards. • PinPinterest lets you Schedule Pins. You can choose to auto schedule them every day, every weekend or at a specific date & time. • Auto Pin using Artificial Intelligence – PinPinterest will repin relevant pins from others to your board of choice. • Choose a board you would like to pin to, a pop-up dialog will ask you to choose tags, these tags will be used by the algorithm when choosing what topics to pin to your board.

Have you used PinPinterest?

Leave a comment and share your experience!

Social Networks Support

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Plann Features

    • Instagram scheduling app to visually design your feed in advance. • Drag and drop function to rearrange images in your feed before posting. • Draft captions and schedule posts days, weeks or months in advance. • Be reminded when it’s time to post. • Store your most regularly used hashtags as sets.

What others are saying about Plann

What I love most about Plann is the drag and drop functionality. You can see what your feed is going to look like in Instagram way ahead of time. So, plan color theme transitions and more. The other function that’s really helpful, besides scheduling your posts, is being able to save /copy / paste all your hashtags in groups for sets of hashtags based on the different content you share . This comes in handy for days when you talk about and promote one category today but need a different set of tags for any other content category you might post about. — Kayla Butler
Check out Plann. Will not risk your accounts and sends you a lovely push notification. — Christy LadyLaurence
I LOVE using Plann. It’s so easy to bulk upload. I tried the other apps and it took forever to get all of my images uploaded and cost a lot more. Great app! — Cristy Cates

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Plann

Post Planner Features

    • Browse recommended feeds based on industry and interests. • Discover new content by keyword, hashtag, Facebook page or Twitter handle. • Custom algorithms measure social media data for every content source in your streams, review past performance and predict future engagement specific to your audience. • All content is pre-validated and star-ranked. • Automatically recycle popular posts. • Algorithm creates your perfect posting times and adds them to your plan to get you started. • Full Pinterest integration coming soon.

What others are saying about Post Planner

You put the link of your feed in, they pull your posts, you customize what your want the posts to say, and then put it on repeat. — Brittany Diane
I can use PP to recycle any post I want, old or new. I just do it by clicking one button. — Ju Talence

Social Networks Support

Go TO Post Planner

Postcron Features

    • Unlimited pending posts • Bulk uploader • Add watermark • Content recommendations • Post to Facebook pages, profile, events and groups • Schedule posts on Instagram • Use Postcron to host online Facebook parties
Get one month FREE with my referral link!

What others are saying about Postcron

Postcron is cheap, awesome and has a super cool multi post uploader!! Saves a ton of time. You download their spreadsheet, fill it in for facebook (day, month, year, time, post content and image link from Dropbox) up to 1000 at a time, upload and voila – scheduled! — Lisa Jones

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Postcron

RecurPost Features

    • Automatically recycle your evergreen updates. • Recur-post plans start at $0/month • Upgrade to include video updates and import functionality. • Smart Queue Technology and “Boost Engagement” Scheduling Technology • Advanced Analytics Reporting

What others are saying about Recur Post

Recently, I’ve discovered RecurPost which lets you automate and loop posts for Facebook + Twitter. It’s awesome and free for 100 looped posts. — Nadalie Bardowell
I just started to play with it this morning and so far I love it. You can create a library and link it to your RSS feed so every new post is automatically​ added to the library. Then you can create a recurring scheduling on your social media channels and link it to this library. Plus you can use it for free! — Julie V.

Social Networks Supported

Go TO RecurPost

SmarterQueue Features

    • Recycle your posts so they will be seen by new parts of your audience. • Automatically recycle your evergreen content, for new audiences to see. • Choose whether a post should be published just once, or recycled, and for how long • Control the time between repeats. • Categorize your content types. • Add posts to categorised queues, each with its own schedule. • Pause individual accounts or categories as needed. • Color code categories. • Compare the engagement between your content types, so you know what works best with your audience. • Powerful search combined with Pinterest-style browsing. • Bulk import from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and RSS • Choose whether you want to share the link, photo, text, or whole post. • Feedly integration.

What others are saying about SmarterQueue

I absolutely LOVE SmarterQueue!! It’s $20 / month, but it has already been saving me hours per week in scheduling tweets because I can make my posts loop! — Kory Woodard Nobes
I started using SmarterQueue a few months ago and absolutely love it. The ability to recycle posts is my favorite thing.
I started using SmarterQueue and am LOVING it (I’ve used Buffer, Hootsuite and Edgar… Smarter is definitely my favorite). It does everything that Edgar does for $29/month instead of $80. — Alexa Rosario
I love how easy it is to add content and have it curated automatically for several weeks in SmarterQueue. — Ja’Quette’ P. Gilbert
I love that you can recycle posts like you can on meet edgar but its a fraction of the cost. My social media is pretty much on autopilot and it leaves me more time to actually engage rather than post things!! — Sam Bell

Social Networks Support

Go TO SmarterQueue

SocialPilot Features

    • Connect all your social profiles to SocialPilot and start posting on each of the social networks from one unified interface. • Schedule posts in advance. • Powerful Social Media Analytics • Social Media Scheduling Calendar. • Configure your account so that whenever you post something on Facebook, it highlights your brand rather than the tool you’re using. • Upload hundreds of posts at once using the bulk scheduling option • Create a CSV or a text file containing all your posts. • Content Suggestions & Custom RSS Feeds • Native Mobile Apps & Browser Extensions

What others are saying about SocialPilot

I’ve been using socialpilot for my social scheduling which I love love love. — Paula Clark

Social Networks Supported

Go TO SocialPilot

Spokal Features

    • Schedules, tracks and learns for you. • Import content to your Spokal library from RSS, Twitter, Feedly, or hand-craft some. • Set up timeslots to tell Spokal when and how often you want to publish. • Automatically schedules posts from curated content library. • Fills empty slots with the best content from your library. • Continues to schedule in old blog posts intermittently for as long as they’re generating results. • Drag and drop calendar – drag and drop to schedule new posts or move them around.

Have you used Spokal?

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Social Networks Supported

Go TO Spokal

Sprout Social Features

    • Draft, schedule, queue and post messages to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn from one window. • Visualize and manage all your posts across multiple profiles and networks from one beautiful calendar. • Access individual post-level stats on clicks, reach, impressions and more in the Sent Mess • Unified Social Inbox to Monitor & Engage • The Smart Inbox brings all your messages from all your profiles into a single, filterable stream. • Set up and track keywords, hashtags and locations on Twitter and Instagram right inside the Smart Inbox • Track & Measure Your Social Performance • View profile and post-level data with Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics and Instagram analytics.

What others are saying about Sprout Social

I use Sprout Social and HIGHLY recommend it. It is fairly priced for all that is included with it. The analytics are INSANE! Contact a sales person to work out a deal and don’t just subscribe online! Also they will give you a 30 day free trial. — Charis Dillon

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Sprout Social

Tailwind Features

    • Create the optimal posting schedule based on audience engagement, virality, traffic and more. • Schedule multiple pins or grams at once with bulk upload and browser extensions. • Schedule repins directly from Pinterest. • Manage your editorial calendar with simple drag-and-drop interface. • Track repins, likes, comments, traffic and revenue on scheduled posts over time. • Use board lists to schedule pins to a list of boards over time at scheduled intervals. • Add your own content to Tribes and have others view, schedule and share your content to their own audience. • At the time of this writing, Tribes are free to use even if you’re not on a paid Tailwind plan.

What others are saying about Tailwind

I got started with tailwind recently and kinda loving it. They added a tailwind for Instagram option recently that I think is going to be pretty cool!
Tailwind has been great! Love how it has made scheduling pins across boards a lot easier. — Aysha Babygal

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Tailwind


    • Schedule posts, pins at optimal times and keep your audience engaged throughout the day. • Upload and schedule multiple posts at once. • Connects directly to your Google Drive & Dropbox accounts to pull content in bulk. • Customize your message, image dimensions and posting time for each social network. • Create original graphics with Canva integration. • Make changes to your images on the fly with a built-in image editor. • Add multiple RSS feeds, Instagram, Flickr accounts to curate content. • Automatically recycles your top performing evergreen content. • Collaborate and plan your social media plan with your entire team on a shared marketing calendar. • Reports to learn the best times to post and which content drives more engagement. • Chrome extension features: • Pick images from any site in an instant – and schedule them in bulk! • Schedule pins and repin directly from Pinterest with a single click. • Schedule videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Daily motion.


Use coupon code “chantel2mths” to get access to Viraltag’s Individual plan FREE for 2 months!

Have you used Viraltag?

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Social Networks Supported



    • Use the post scheduler to schedule pins or posts to get automagically posted throughout the day, based on a schedule you choose or at times recommended by our smart scheduling engine. • Schedule pins in bulk. • Post at the right time for maximum impact. • Schedule Pins from anywhere on the web using the free Chrome extension. • Promote your profile, boards and pins to other Viralwoot users and viewers can choose to repin or follow you. • Track your Pinterest presence, virality and reach with analytics feature. • Discover your top performing boards, pins and connect with your influencers. • Create and manage Pinterest boards and pins using bulk editor. • Automatically rotate & republish old pins and auto post new pins. • Create category targeted and real-time trackable contests/campaigns. ViralWoot users get pinged about these campaigns and can easily participate and claim their rewards.

Have you used Viralwoot

Leave a comment and share your experience!

Social Networks Supported

Go TO Viralwoot Have you used any of these social media tools? Which one is your favorite and why? Did you find a new one that you’d like to try? Which one? Have you used any others that aren’t on this list that you love? If so, leave a comment. I’d love to hear about them! The Complete Guide to Social Media Tools


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  1. I love your posts, they are so detailed. I use the Communit Dashboard for twitter. Boardbooster and Divlr. Scheduling definitely does help a Social Media strategy and frees up so much time for engaging, great post

  2. This post is so so helpful! Thank you for putting this together and sharing! I just downloaded Tailwind to try it out! Wish me luck 🙂

    xx, Taylor (

  3. I use boardbooster, coschedule and postcron for my craft blog and boardbooster, tailwind & the same postcron account for my account. It’s too flipping many! This was a great post.

  4. Wow this is definitely long, informative and very detailed. I’ll be using this as a guide reference. Thanks for the effort you put in this post 🙂

  5. Hi Chantel, I found your website from a Quora answer directing me to this post. I love the list. I’m a big fan of MissingLettr and have a review of it up on my company blog. It’s a really great tool for getting more mileage out of your older blog posts.

    I’m the founder of Sharey, another social media marketing tool. I’d love to get your feedback on it (and maybe next roundup you could add me 😀 )

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