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Abagail Pumphrey, Think Creative Collective

abagailpumphrey-headshotAbagail Pumphrey is one of the  co founders of Think Creative Collective and spends her time focusing on brand design and strategy.  With a degree in Fine Art in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Administration, she worked in a variety of industries before launching her own creative business full time.  My favorite things about Abagail are her cheerful personality, her giving spirit and her bright red lipstick.

If you asked me, I would describe Abagail as happy, hard working, and loyal.  But luckily, you don’t have to count on me to be right about that.  You can read more about Abagail here.

Abagail, what is the one question you wish someone would have asked you, but no one ever did? And what’s the answer to that question?

Question: Are you ready to handle success?

Answer: I so wish someone had asked me. Not that I would have had a valid answer at the time, but it would have made me think.

See life, in my opinion, prepares you to fail. You ride a bike, you fall down and scrape a knee. You go to school and you don’t just pass by doing nothing. You gotta work for it. You put in the time. Sometimes you fail. Or end up with a C in calculus. But life doesn’t give you the road map for success.

What happens if you do see rapid growth? What if you go from a one-woman team to a team of ten? What happens when you have to make BIG decisions that no longer just affect you, but could affect THOUSANDS of people?!

Success is harder than failure. You learn from failure, you get up, and you try again. Success means you keep pushing, you keep going, and you never stop.

This life is possible. Nothing Emylee and I have done is life-shattering. We haven’t patented a product. We didn’t invent the next social media marketing platform. We don’t have MBAs. We are just two stubborn Midwestern women willing to do anything to see this thing continue to succeed.

Life doesn’t give you the road map for success. -Abagail Pumphrey

What book have you read recently that you wish you would have (or could have) read twenty years ago?

Not recently but a book I would suggest for any entrepreneur starting a business is Delivering Happiness. The book is written by the founder and CEO of Zappos. It documents his career and his unfaltering dedication to customer service. Just do it!

Delivering Happiness

What is the most meaningful project you have done and why?

Started this business! When Emylee and I started we had big dreams. Like crazy huge dreams. And instead of worrying if they were two big, we just went for it. We are constantly learning how to do and be better. However, the community, the tribe, that Think Creative Collective has created has BLOWN my mind!! These women from all walks of life are crazy talented and they are connected by one thing. A desire for more. I love my job and it has given back to me in ways I never imagined.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

If I could be invisible for a day I would probably follow around some of my favorite entrepreneurs to see what their typical day is really like. Also, that makes me sound borderline stockerish so I will NOT be sharing who those people are.

What is the unlikely or surprising interest that engages your curiosity?

I was born and raised Roman Catholic by two engineering parents. I lived a fairly sheltered life (not to the fault of anyone, just what happens when you grow up in a suburb of Kansas City). I have always been enamored by cultures and religions of other people from all over the world. For the sake of this conversation, it might be worth saying I was married in a Lutheran church and now attend the largest Methodist church in the United States. None the less, people are fascinating. Traveling to new cultures is amazing. In particular all the woo-woo practices out there. Essential oils, crystals, natural healing, affirmations, horoscopes, putting things into the universe… seriously I could talk for days. It is all fascinating, and I love immersing myself in these alternative ideas. I keep an open mind and open heart.

How long have you been blogging?

Since March of 2015.


Who’s your favorite blogger? Leave me a comment and I’ll add your favorite to my list of potential future interviewees.


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