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About Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a Designer and Marketer with a background in Advertising and Brand Development. He works primarily with businesses, entrepreneurs and creative services professionals to help them engage with the audiences that matter most to them through effective marketing and media. He covers a broad range of clients from entertainment companies, ad agencies and small businesses, to social media personalities like Chelsea Krost and Tayo Rockson. Whether strategy, technical implementation or creative execution, Roberto helps position his clients to align their messaging and media to create awesome experiences for the audience, while achieving the desired goal. As a designer, storyteller, YouTube creator and speaker, he educates and motivates his clients and contemporaries by focusing on creating value.

For over a decade Roberto has worked in the creative services profession with positions as an in-house designer, marketing manager, ad agency designer and now currently is the Chief Creative Officer of his own Design Studio. His services include: design, social media marketing, content creation and video marketing as well as training. Currently Roberto is host of the Create Something Awesome Today Podcast and creates daily Online video content based primarily in creative execution, marketing and career development in the creative services industry.

As a speaker he covers a variety of topics that fall within his wheel house such as: video marketing, personal branding, entrepreneurship, career development, and social media. He has attended various events as a speaker including PePCon, The Rise Above Tour and Revolve Conference; he will also be speaking at HOW Design Live in 2016 on social media for creative professionals.

“I believe strongly in not just going off of theory or best practices. Too often clients are asked to commit to someone who has not produced the results they are selling them on. My own body of work and personal brand demonstrates my ability to execute and be consistent while being flexible.”

Roberto, what’s the one question you wish someone would have asked you, but no one ever did? And what’s the answer to that question?

I think the question I never get asked is what drives me. And I think the root of that question is curiosity. I experiment with my content and brand constantly, where I’d say most people are afraid to do that. I get excited about sharing information with my direct competition because I’m curious as to what will happen and excited about what their potential is because it will force me to work harder.

What book have you read recently that you wish you would have (or could have) read twenty years ago?

Happiness Advantage

Conference Crushing

I’d say that if I had read the Happiness Advantage years ago, I would be in a much better place in terms of mindset. I think that attitude and mindset are grossly underestimated. I’m going cheat and also say Conference Crushing by Tyler Wagner. Networking over the past few years has been a big part of my success.

I think that attitude and mindset are grossly underestimated. – Roberto Blake

What is the most meaningful project you have done and why?

I think it’s my current 2 behind the scenes projects, the Just Create Awesome Book, which is a combination of self help and business for Creatives. The other is a motivational film series I’m developing on my YouTube channel. I think many people are quietly struggling and I want to not only motivate them but educate them on how to take control of their outcomes.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Invisibility is the least interesting super power to me because I spent a lot of my life hiding due to bullying. I also believe in giving people every chance to tell me the truth, I don’t need to spy on them to see who they really are, nobody can hide forever. So I’d probably use it to expose some major kind of corruption or issue of public safety.

What is the unlikely or surprising interest that engages your curiosity?

Fear. I’m very curious as to what people are afraid of because of how much our fears motivate and drive our day to day actions. Understanding what people fear or hope tells you a lot about who they are. That awareness and understanding will be important in how you handle your relationship with them.


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