After the Bundle: Keep Them Coming Back

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You participated in or hosted an amazing bundle. You added dozens of new subscribers to your mailing list and new faces are showing up in your online community. You couldn’t be happier but you’re sitting there saying, “Now what?!”

You’re not alone. Many bundle contributors and hosts make the mistake of carrying on with their business as soon as a bundle is over. These business owners are missing a precious opportunity to connect with their new community members.

Create a Nurture Series

The smart thing to do immediately after a bundle is to write a short nurture series. This is a set of emails (usually 3-5) introducing yourself and what you do.

The reason you want to create this series is that the same new customer that was added to your list was also added to Sally’s, Danielle’s, Poppy’s, Sue’s, and Cynthia’s list, too. She’s met 6 new business owners and chances are, she’s not going to be able to keep all of you straight. That means you need to make sure you stand out in her inbox.

Email #1: The Introduction

Start the first email in your nurture series with an introduction. You can talk briefly about who you are and how you got started in your current business.

You may want to include anything that’s relevant to your branding. One writer was so well-known for her purple sneakers that she talked about them in her first email. She knew it was a simple thing that made her stand out in the minds of her audience.

Email #2: A Quick Check-In

In the second email, you’ll focus on a quick check-in. This message doesn’t have to be lengthy if you don’t want it to be. Just simply 2-3 paragraphs. Remind your subscribers about your what your product was and ask them if they got their download.

Tell subscribers who may have forgotten to download your product where they can find it and encourage those who ran into tech problems to email you or contact your help desk for support.

Email #3: A Simple Tip

For the next email, you’ll want to share a valuable tip with your audience. Try to pick some tidbit that’s related to your bundle product. For example if your bundle product was about puppy training, then you might include a tip on potty training a young dog.

Your tip should be short and to the point. You want to train your subscribers to think of your emails as quick and breezy. This makes them more likely to read your messages when they see your name in their inbox.

Email #4: The Small Offer

Now that your community has tasted your product (whether free or paid), make them another offer. Keep this offer small and close to the price of the bundle.

For example, if the bundle was $27, then you don’t want to immediately offer your $497 group coaching program. But you could share a link to your planner that sells for $37. If you don’t have any products of your own yet, promote something as an affiliate.

Don’t be afraid to introduce your subscribers to your products early on. You already make offers to your list regularly, so you want the bundle customers to expect these promotions from you.

Remember the nurture series is a wonderful way to welcome new subscribers. Take the time to create one and you’ll stand out in the minds (and inboxes!) of your recent community members.


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