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You’ve decided to host her first bundle. You’ve picked your theme, set the dates, and decided to go with a paid bundle. Now, you’re ready to begin recruiting contributors for your bundle. But you’re not sure how to get started. Start by doing one of these things…

Create a Contributor Form

Before you do anything, start by creating a contributor form. This makes gathering and organizing submissions much simpler. You can use a form creator like Gravity Forms or Formidable Forms.

You’ll want to ask for the name of each contributor, their business name, website, product description, as well as the monetary value of the product (especially if this is a paid bundle). You may also want to get a brief bio and headshot from each business owner. Try to envision how your sales page will look and this will guide you as you decide what information you’ll need from contributors.

Post on Facebook Groups

Another idea is to tap into your existing community on Facebook. Let your group know you’re looking for contributors and post a link to your form. If it’s not your community that you’re posting in, check in with the group creator before you talk about your bundle.

Reach Out to Podcast Guests (Or Hosts!)

Delilah had been interviewed on over fifty podcasts in the past two years. Her friend recommended she begin her contributor search by tapping into this network. Since most of these hosts already knew Delilah, they were happy to contribute.

If you’ve been a podcast guest, then you can do the same thing Delilah did. Send a quick email, let them know what you’re up to, and invite them to take part if it fits their schedule.

If you run a podcast yourself, then you might want to consider talking with your former and current guests for contributions. You never know who may have something amazing to add to the mix!

Tweet It Out

You can also tweet about your upcoming bundle. Invite contributors to DM you for more information. For the best results, you’ll want to send out several tweets about your bundle at different times of the day. This ensures you’ll reach a wider audience and you’ll be more likely to find contributors.

Look at Your LinkedIn Connections

If you’re on LinkedIn, this network can be a rich source of industry experts and niche leaders. Take a moment to review your connections and see if anyone on the list might be a good fit for your bundle. If they are, send them a quick message.

Delilah did this with an old mentor. Her mentor was delighted to be asked and quickly submitted a product to be included with the bundle.

Bundle contributors are all around you! You just have to stop and take the time to let them know about your upcoming event. You might be delighted to find many people who are eager to help make your bundle a success.


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