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Have you considered creating and hosting a bundle? Are you looking for a way to connect with even more online business owners in your niche? If you’re wondering how to host a bundle, here are a few tips to get you started…

Choose a Bundle Theme

The best bundles usually center around a theme. Sometimes, this theme is obvious. For example, if you run a keto lifestyle blog, then doing a bundle filled with information products on low-carb living makes sense.

Think about what’s already been done in your community before choosing a theme. If several bloggers have hosted a “build your business” bundle, then yours isn’t likely to stand out.

But you can do something unique like Lynette Chandler and Cindy Bidar. They created a Work Less, Do More Bundle that was popular in their niche. Because they did a twist on the classic bundle, they saw excellent results from their event.

Pick A Date for Your Bundle

As soon as you have a theme in mind for your bundle, you need to pick the date you’ll run it from. Bundles typically do best when they last from 4-7 days. You can do a bundle that lasts longer than a week but the amount of engagement and interest will drop after a few days.

When you’re setting a date, you may want to ask around and see if anyone else is hosting a bundle around the same time. If you’re bundle is set around the same dates as someone else’s, it’s not a big deal unless their topic is similar. For example, you’re both doing bundles around the topic of blogging.

You won’t get as much traction this way and visitors are likely to be confused.

Free or Paid Bundle

You also need to decide whether you’ll charge your customers for the bundle. If you go free, you’re likely to get more subscribers. This can be a good thing if you’re just looking to grow your list.

On the flip side, offering a bundle for free can attract “tire-kickers”. These are people that want to try out what you offer but they have no intention of ever spending money with you.

The plus side of a paid bundle is that you make money and you attract customers who are likely to buy from you again. But you may not see as many new subscribers on your mailing list.

Hosting a bundle can a great way to establish yourself in your community, network with other thought leaders, and grow your mailing list. But take your time to think it through before you decide to host one and you’ll be more likely to experience success.


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